Apple Cash Pile in New Hands in Executive Shuffle

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Industries’ senior analyst Anand Srinivasan and Dave Goldberg, CEO at Surveymonkey, discuss the retirement of Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer and his successor, Luca Maestri, on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

As powerful as apple, questions start.

Is something wrong?

Did something go wrong?

I do not think so.

It is an orderly transition.

There has been a senior cfo candidate.

I do not think people will look at it and say, this is an orderly or an unexpected transition.

People will be not surprised by it.

Peter has been an incredible steward of the country to a very dramatic time, overseeing dramatic expansions in sales, etc.. his stepping back is not altogether unsurprising.

When you look at the numbers, they are astounding.

When he took over as ceo -- cfo, -- the question is, is the new guy up for it.

He has only been there for year.

A lot of pressure on how they use their cash.

Peter has done it -- an incredible job in ken the new guys step up?

Cori, is he up for this?

He has seen the other side of success.


Gm and europe had a lot of issues during the time he was there.

You can see the difficult and compensated financial situations can be.

He did interesting things and led the company through a lot.

Factoring things on a global basis, something we have never seen before like the iphone, and getting the distributor without having big inventory problems.

Being stuck with her -- with inventory.

That seamlessly in a way few companies have ever done.

He said they knew he would be peter's successful.

You run a big tech company.

What do you look for in a cfo?

You look for people in a public company that investors will trust.

The cfo is the trustee of financials.

That is critical in places like apple.

And then, how do think about the problem of too much cash?

That is the thing investors want to know from the cfo but that is not just his decision.

It is what peter has spent the last year and a half on.

He has an extensive as -- resume.

When you look at a guy who has only been at apple for a year, what are your questions?

His background is having dealt with complex financials.

He brings a lot to the game.

Apple is going through a time of transition having too much cash on the balance sheet, restructuring to the point of having debt on a bouncy, dividend, how to buy back stock and make it effective.

All are large-company problems.

When we say large, apple brings a new dimension of scale.

They're very interesting challenges.

We are also hoping from an investor community more disclosure.

A little bit potentially challenged with steve jobs.

Hopefully that improves as well going forward.

There is one problem -- product -- the iphone.

Iphone sales growth is slowing down.

Cori, how the -- how do they conduct him like that?

-- combat something like that?

They will have to figure out how to get the financial strength they need without committing too many resources.

I want to take issue with something said a minute ago.

When i went to visit apple, oppenheimer would sit down with us for lengthy visits explaining a lot about not just what the company was doing but how they thought about financials and really gave us a lot of feedback.

That was one of the roles he had, particularly when steve jobs got sick of dealing with wall street.

He was able to open up his calendar and talk with investors.

I do not know if that was the same when the stock had risen so much.

Do you think it is a bullish signal that they're doing it now?

This has been underway for a long time.

There were rumors years ago berkeley and cfo, they brought luca in to groom him for the role.

It is clearly underway.

He has been at the company for a long time and made shovels full of cash.

Disclosure is one of those issues where investors are never satisfied with what they are getting.

They want more and more.

With technology and the changes the industry is going through, coupled with apple's cash and buyback and dividend, etc., more information is oh is great.

Incremental information is oh is great.

We're looking forward to getting more.

All right.

Thank you both.

We will talk about the future of

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