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April 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Kirkpatrick discusses results from Apple and Facebook on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

The "facebook effect." you own apple shares at $.75. you know, journalists, we try to be stupid about investing by policy.

What did tim cook teach your silicon valley yesterday?

Be blue-chip asization -- the company has become the bedrock of global technology quality, so i think if the quality is established so deeply in the product, in effect they are doing the same thing to her company.

When you get to that scale, you just cannot skyrocket up and growth anymore.

When i look to your book, you have heard me rave about mr.

Kirkpatrick's book "facebook effect," there is an effort to get a zuckerberg ecosystem.

Apple has that ecosystem in spades.

Is that the message that amazon, facebook, and microsoft need to find their own ecosystem?

Next week, facebook has this f8 event.

It is their fourth or fifth event primarily for developers, and they will put a renewed focus on their ecosystem and their platform, which is a really big deal for facebook.

Facebook does have a huge ecosystem, by the way.

Each time you go to website and we register with facebook, which we all do everyday, that is using their platform.

Are you going to speak to mr.


I hope to.

I have not got an an appointment.

That would be great.

Facebook, if you are watching this morning, we would like to see mr.

Or patrick speak to mr.

Zuckerberg -- and then come on "surveillance" and tell all of us.

Of course i will.

Rackspace because $1.28facebook has 1.8 billion monthly users.

There are a lot of large numbers here.

Even as it leaves mobile concerns behind in the dust, it cannot keep growing its user base at this rate.

At this rate, maybe not, but in fact they have some other tools at their disposal.

For example, instagram, which they announced yesterday now has 200 million active users.

It is something often said.

Facebook is losing a little bit of it cachet among american teenagers, but in fact they're going to instagram it'snstead, which also owns.

Is it feasible that instagram can take over other facebook assets?

It is possible.

Maybe in the united states that is a possibility.

It is not something they are terribly worried about because they are hedged.

Instagram is taking over for twitter in many respects.

I have 21117 followers on twitter.

I take pictures of bowties.

It is amazing.

Of the jury is still out.

Facebook clearly prove they can go to mobile.

Now it is 59%, 60% of users are going on mobile.

But when will facebook prove it can actually monetize all of those mobile users?

Well, you look at these statistics of mobile advertising, they are skyrocketing there.

I think they are steadily proving they have because capability of doing a possibly of anybody.

One of the phrases that sheryl sandberg use on the earnings call yesterday was the first targeted marketing platform in the world at scale.

That is truly possible for them because this is something people continually underappreciated about facebook.

The knowledge they have about their users is unparalleled.

No other company in history that is shown ads to people has ever known as much about the people they show ads to.

That is huge.

David kirkpatrick with us.

I am instagramming right now.

Courtney, i am sorry, i'm not listening to you in the enteral room.

Save me.

Company news -- we will start with ibm.

We will add technology to his health unit.

This is as the pentagon prepares to open bidding for $11 billion health records contract.

Watson is best known for beating humans on the game show "jeopardy." ibm has just hired a top person for its health team.

The telecom company trolled by billionaire carlos slim wants to buy the rest of an audrey and firm.

America mobile may pay as much as $2 billion to buy a minority investors.

He has been trying to expand

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