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April 10 (Bloomberg) -- Ran Harnevo, president at AOL Video, and Ben Lerer, co-founder and CEO at Thrillist Media Group, discuss AOL’s move into original programming and the opportunities for expansion in online video on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Critical of the way that these companies have made money.

Including companies like aol.

I love aol.

Please stop.

I have this opportunity -- i believe there is the opportunity online to take it vantage of the situations, if you look, for example, at television or radio or print, the transaction does not actually happen in that medium.

People are not actually purchasing products with premium content.

Online you have this unique opportunity where e-commerce can sort of come together and you can read about a product and ultimately purchase it in the same environment and it provides an opportunity for many businesses to build a new revenue stream of commerce.

What would that work in television, ran?

We are experimenting a lot with interactive advertising.

I don't think there is a lot of competition between what he is saying and what they can find on -- what they can have online.

We have a lot of players and personalized advertising online.

I agree that there are a lot of benefits from what those folks can get, you can go through advertising as well but you just need to use our data, which is much deeper than any other medium, to help the right measures.

Targeting the right ads.

Where are the viewers watching connected?

One thing about aol is that we are a much more open system than anyone else, that you have mentioned before.

We have distribution and we have distributed our content to 14 connected devices, hundreds of apps and thousands of websites across the web.

The audience is going to watch "connected" well just watch this and aol, they may watch this in rowku.

Who is the young male audience?

We believe we will get young and -- young male and female audiences, that is the plan of the show.

"connected" is a longform show.

30 minutes or more?

30 minutes, 30 episodes in the interesting thing about this, this is an israeli show that i watch as a consumer.

You are israeli?

This is -- this is a reality show?

This is a docudrama that i believe will bring it back to where it should be.

The narrative of this show is about people around new york city -- we will shoot in new york city.

I will do it.

These are five women?

It started as five women.

I will still do that.

Ran, you said 30 minutes?

20 episodes, 30 minutes each.

Did you sell this to an advertiser?

Last year we sold a bunch of shows up front, with nine of the 16 shows last year.

We are actually doing the roadshow right now, the ipo.

We have 29 businesses in 10 days.

It is very close to the up front in that perspective.

We have interests and our new front on the 29th, and we can share more about what i think is interesting about the longform, is that companies use to take digital content -- for snappable content, i believe that we are a company that is developing our tradition for large screens.

We started with smartphones and desktops, which are very snappable, and the big screen allows us to go deeper.

Ran harvnevo.

From aol.

Ben lerer of thrillist stays with us.

We will be back in a couple of minutes on "in the loop." ?

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