Any Truth to the Tesla-Apple Speculation?

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Feb. 19 (Bloomberg) –- Baum & Associates Auto Forecaster Alan Baum, 9to5Tesla & 9to5Mac Publisher & Editorial Director Seth Weintraub and Bloomberg’s Matt Miller and Nick Thompson discuss if there is any momentum behind the rumor that Apple may buy Tesla. They speak to Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

With you.

We have been talking about this momentum for a day or two to leo.

Is there any momentum behind this?

Absolutely not.

But it is fun to talk about.

Sensationalism in journalism is a real key to a fun friday, and i guess it is only one day, but, look.

It is so unlikely, but it is so much fun.

It is like the net butter and chocolate.

It would be good if tesla used the apple operating system.

Elon musk is like a superhero.

He could be the new steve jobs.

They could get a new logo that blends the two.

But you are not buying it.



It is like acquiring lebron james.

There is no reason for apple or tesla to do it.

They maybe got together a year ago to chat about batteries maybe, but not an acquisition.

What do you think?

It is pretty obvious from the timing and the companies involved that it is the battery talks.

Tesla is making an announcement that they were supposed to make at the earnings call, and it appears it is coming up.

They had a little text in the bottom of their earnings, saying they are going to work with some of their partners, and that they will be solar, as well.

Panasonic, solar city, these companies are going to work together, and perhaps google and others might be involved, as well.

In this factory could be totally awesome and could happen.

It could happen.

These are innovative companies.

They could be collaborating on something.

They absolutely could be a lot -- collaborating on lots of things.

There is a lot of cultural overlap and anesthetic overlap and ambition overlap.

There are a lot of things that could bring these companies together, but there are many reasons why elon musk would not want to work with apple.

It is also true that tesla is going up, and apple is kind of stuck, so this is why this is getting some traction.

Who needs more?

Does apple need tesla more than tesla needs apple?

I do not know that either company needs either company at the moment.

There are some synergies.

I'll wes in the car.

I know that elon musk has an iphone, so i know he is in the loop.

Companies need each other.

But back to the battery factory, apple makes a lot of things that rely on batteries.

Samsung makes batteries.

Apple doesn't want to buy batteries from samsung, they probably want to procure their own stuff, and apple is growing in the u.s. with some factories, and they are looking to work on their reputation for being a u.s. company, so it does make a little bit of sense that apple would want to get involved in the giga factory, which does seem like it is going to happen.

We also had allen.

Is he with us?

I am.

We have not forgotten about you.

I certainly agree with all of the commentary.

What is most important about what we learned is the ability of tesla to ramp up production.

We knew that was going to happen.

We did not know the numbers necessarily until today, and now we are saying they're going from 600 per week to 1000 per week.

That is obviously more vehicles.

That is right to the bottom line, and that is obviously critical.

They are going to deliver 55% more cars next year, but they say they are hampered by the ability to build enough batteries, and this factory, elon musk says some crazy things, but a lot of times, they come to fruition, evidenced by the card company he started.


He wants to build the same capacity of lithium ion batteries at this factory than is currently being built in the rest of the world.

That is massive.

If they are going to go mass market, they need more batteries than is produced on earth right now, and they need that.

Let's also remember that being d -- the gigafactory will include bringing in a couple of suppliers because that factory will not come on with a switch, unintended.

I want to own some lithium.

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