Any New Apple Products in the Pipeline?

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Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman reports on the outlook for Apple. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Lower as the company takes higher cost to introduce the new devices.

All of this as competitors introduced their own stream of new and cheaper products.

Joining us is jon erlichman in l.a. how much of this is samsung competition and how much is sound duration -- saturation?

And the fact apple is so big.

It is a combination of things.

You will get a different story if you're talking about the headlines overall and the wall street action versus the comments coming out of apple headquarters.

Tim cook on the conference call last night described it as an ipad christmas.

Apple thinks it is well- positioned for the holidays these and thanks to be rollout of wtwo new ipads and multiple mac devices.

There is a lot of pricing pressure in the marketplace right now.

Apple has had to be conscious of that.

Or is a lot of competition.

Samsung, amazon, but if it is a question of is growth slowing?

The answer is yes.

Is apple in a position where it could generate $58 billion in sales?

The answers also yes.

I think this is a story that depends on perspective.

What about innovation?

Tim cook has talked about new product categories.

What are we going to see going forward?

It was interesting on the company call when an analyst asked, i thought you're going to introduce a new product category by the tail end of this year into next year.

Tim cook corrected the analyst saying we talked about new products, not to new categories.

All he would say on the topic of new categories is apple feels confident in its ability to enter new categories.

We obviously know that.

A lot of people are confident in their ability to move into new areas, television, or watches.

We are waiting to hear what apple really wants to do in any area.

What about china?

Apple is working hard to open more stores in smaller cities.

What are their plans for china and how do they plan to reverse?

Definitely by opening some more stores.

Some highlights from china in the year that generated $27 billion in sales, the growth in the quarter out of china was roughly six percent.

Tim cook would have liked to have seen it be stronger.

A few factors play into that.

They have done a better job in building relationships in carriers and the government.

The way to solve that issue is through distribution and a key part of that is more stores.

Jon erlichman, thank you.

And in an interview, i spoke to baidu's robin li about his

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