Anti-Social CEOs Behind the Times on Social Media

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Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Off The Charts," Bloomberg chief markets correspondent Scarlet Fu looks at the lack of social media presence from CEOs of major corporations. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

This is" market makers." it turns out most ceo's are behind the curve when it comes to social networking.

Scarlet fu shows us how antisocial they really are.

This is based on research.

These corporate leaders are laggards when it comes to presence on social media.

60 eight percent of ceo's have no presence on social networks.

Of those who do, the study shows that twitter and linkedin are the most favored venues.

Six percent of orton 500 ceo's are on twitter -- six percent of the fortune 500 ceo's are on twitter.

We know that some corporate executives have been fans of linked in.

I think jamie dimon is on there.

He has 130,000 followers but that is nothing compared to make a whitman, the ceo of hewlett- packard.

She has 20,000 followers.

I imagine it has to do with how often they post.

What about that ceo's whose companies are active in social media?

Some of the biggest companies.

Went warren buffett joined twitter, how many followers did he get?

Now he has half a million but he has only tweeted twice.

His first one said " warren is in the house." the antisocial ceo's of america.

If the mexican president has his way, exxon and other oil companies could pump mexican crude oil for the first time in 75 years.

The president has submitted his long-awaited proposal for the mexican congress.

It would rake up the monopoly over the country's oil industry.

Foreign oil companies would be allowed to dump oil and get a portion of a prophet and a risksharing model with the government.

One of mexico's opposition party went further last month calling for shares of the company to be sold.

We are approaching 26 pass the error which means it is time for bloomberg to go on the market.

Let us begin in europe.

It is been day for europe.

-- it is green day for europe.

We see some losses that was a slightly disappointing retail number.

German investor confidence number came in above estimates.

Is it time to call it a turnaround?

I'm not sure but the mark that is looking far into the future.

-- the market is looking far into the future.

Here are the disappointing retail sales that is being cited as a reason for the rational drop.

In the u.s. equities.

U.s. airways emma d, united are falling on word that the amr- u.s. airways merger deal is being blocked by an antitrust lawsuit by the u.s. government.

I don't know why delta and ual are dropping so hard and sympathy.

They may be wondering if the government may go after them.

We are back in two minutes.

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