Anthony Noto’s Journey From Goldman to Twitter CFO

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July 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Leslie Picker breaks down the career of Twitter’s newly named chief financial officer Anthony Noto and his path from Goldman Sachs to the NFL and his role as the head banker on Twitter’s IPO. She speaks on “Market Makers.”

From golden sachs banker to hedge fund now to twitter cfo.

He is one of those people who if you asked him 10 years ago what he planned on doing and he said, i plan on being cfo of the nfl, i plan on being an ipo bankrate coleman sucks, and oh, yeah, as cfo of twitter, people would have laughed.

But he is one of those people who is able to do these things.

He is one of those magnetic personalities who gets the job done.

He has this aura of credibility around him, action that people gravitate to.

He is able to jump from position to position, adapt quickly and now his latest move is the cfo of twitter.

He was responsible in part for the twitter ipo as well.

What kind of reputation did he gain there and how did it help?

It was a big deal for goldman sachs.

It was the biggest company -- tech company that ever took public according to our data.

That deal seemed to have been executed very seamlessly.

Contra to facebook.

Were there were all sorts of leaks about the dip, speculation about things that were not in the public filing.

Twitter and contrast was a very closely held deal.

It was one that was executed very well.

It was priced at a place that seemed to be very good and traded up 73% on the first day.

But that was twitter's plan the whole long.

Now we're here six or seven months later and that valuation achieved on the first day, many investors are having second thoughts about that.

That is why we sell the stock fall about 36% this year because they're concerned twitter hasn't been able to grow into the evaluation, that their user growth is slowing.

That is why we've seen a lot of the management shuffle to date.

That is why they brought in anthony noto, the guy that was there when the ipo was executed so perfectly is seen as the best choice to revitalize the company now that they're coming to a struggle.

What struck me as i was looking at his bio, he's to be a dot com internet analyst?

That is impressive.

I wonder where he learned his chops in the internet world and transitioned?

That is a good question.

We're seeing more and more of these research analysts from the dot com era.

L.a. is bitzer said no more research analyst at the ipo presentation.

-- eliot spitzer said no more research analysts at the ipo presentation.

You're seeing more becoming research analysts today so those former dot com analysts are frequently becoming ipo bankers.

It is more attractive to management because you have that ingrained sense of research.

You have dexia rossa deep -- a gives the credibility.


Homage clout to see wind up having?

An incredible amount of clout . she was only a goldman sachs for about three years before he joined the hedge fund.

During those three years, he built the immense reputation in silicon valley for truly understanding the industry, truly understanding what it takes to take a company public, revitalize the goldman sachs brand -- he was helped by the facebook debacle in which morgan stanley was put in the penalty box for a little bit.

But he took advantage of that opportunity and really builds up his credibility and people just out there -- everyone from venture capitalists to companies have very positive things to say about anthony noto.

Thank you for that perspective.

He sounds like the dream team through a silicon valley -- guru

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