Anthony: I Try Not to Compare Myself to Anybody

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Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on a interview between the Knicks' Carmelo Anthony and Bloomberg's Stephanie Ruhle. (Source: Bloomberg)

Talk about his personal brand at the sports business summit.

I think i have done a great job with my team.

It's doing a great job of building that brand.

I found something that can fit in with my brand.

A lot of other guys brands have their own way of defining their brand.

Me and my brand is my offense at his -- authenticity about relationships i can build.

Over time, i don't want to do anything short-term.

Many athletes just grabbed the endorsement deal and they do a one-year deal and get a commercial and they smile and put their face on the product but for me, it is about longevity.

If i can brand that right now, we have the same relationship and i am done.

Everybody loves a bad headline.

Lebron james is your contemporary.

Many say he is the most famous man in basketball but there is negativity around him.

Do you see your brand is put in the shadow of his because you are simply a great athlete and great guy?

I tried not to compare myself whether it is business or sports related.

I don't compare myself to anybody.

I have my own name and he has his own name and kobe has his own name.

I can just focus on what i need to focus on.

How important is your international audience?

It's big.

Over the last couple of years, to travel internationally, you can see a lot of fans and the amount of support i have.

Sometimes i go over there and i don't want to come back.

I want to sit over there and be loved by the fans.

Nobody judges you over there.

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