Annie’s Organic: Riding the Health Wave

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Oct. 24 (Bloomberg) –- Annie’ CEO John Foraker discusses his company’s revenue and sales growth. He speaks with Adam Johnson and Trish Regan on on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It has been a long growth story driven by long-standing consumer trends towards health and wellness.

We have been riding that wave.

Avoiding artificial flavors and colors, moving toward organic.

Annie's is our leading brands.

How much of new product of element actually comes from customers who say i want you to create something like the following.

It is a big part.

We've been a brand that is listening to consumers.

An advent of social media.

We can connect with consumers and we are getting great ideas online.

Good ideas will come out of that.

Social media.

We are joined by billy pickens -- bouna -- boone pickens.

I stay in their.

You will get there.

What are you seeing in terms of trying to get people who seem to really love your product, organic is a big growing space right now for food makers.

It is a price point that is higher than what you would traditionally see.

Given the soft economic environment we are in, are people willing to pay up?

They have been.

The consumer that is interested in organic tends to being more highly educated and have higher income, in places where employment has been better.

They have been performing pretty well over time.

We have seen no pushback from consumers with respect to price over the last two years.

Things are getting even better as the economy improves.

Earnings up 23% this year according to the analyst estimate.

Looking like another 25% next year.

How'd you do that?

We have a great spot.

We have a strong brand we treat -- our brand extends to many categories.

We introduce frozen entrees this year.

We have innovation at of us.

We are setting to start selling our products where most consumers want to shop.

No longer in the natural or organic section.

That has been great.

As we grow we have opportunity to scale profits.

One final question for you, you use the word authentic.

What does it mean to you?

It means it is honest, transparent, genuine.

Committed to the core values of social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Just being genuine with consumers.

In today's world, transparency and authenticity are important for brands.

Thank you for joining us.

After the break,, boone

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