Android System Tops Apple for Development: Patricof

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Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Alan Patricof, founder at Greycroft and Leo Hindery, founder at Intermedia Partners, discuss the Android and Apple markets and look at which one has more upside in the future. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Which is better?

Jobs, cook, or all this klimt stuff?

There is a much flex ability.

The problem is, the apple devices is still easier, and people like that because it is so intuitive.

But don't sell short google.

I think it will has done an amazing job introducing the android, and now i think, i just mentioned a minute ago, this comcast is going to be a -- the 30 -- the $35 plug into the tv.

Which is better for and of -- for innovation?

I would say the android system because it is so much more open.

I think you are seeing it.

That is why there are so many more apps then there are on the iphone.

Leo hindery, i watched major league baseball last night.

Pirates, articles.

On my iphone.

That would've been unimaginable five years ago.

The software in the sports you dealt with, is the more amenable to one system like iphone or all the software challenges of going to many different androids?

I think that is a wave that google is still rising.

When they bought moto really years ago, you knew this day would be a headlining story sunday.

Today is that day.

It is still trying to figure out how to live anymore as of android, but the fundamentals as alan has articulated are friendlier to innovation.

The goal is increasingly a content company.

That is how it sees itself.

Apple is still an appliance coveted.

Dan lopez sony is about splitting up the appliance business.

There is a massive distinction between me appliance -- between the appliance manufacturing.

Google does not want to be an appliance company.

They want to use appliances to be global.

It is fundamentally different.

It is, located now, that this tsunami wave is rising.

It is not cresting yet heard -- yes.

Much more to talk about.

Cigarette because it is time for first look.

Some of the photos that are

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