Super Bowl Rings: Up Close With the Ultimate Prize

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Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) –- Goldin Auctions Founder & President Ken Goldin discusses Super Bowl memorabilia that’s up for auction and the marketplace for sports collectibles with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You brought some rings.

We have four different super bowl rings, going from 1971 to last year.

This is the ultimate prize in all of sports.

You want the super bowl ring.

Teams constantly try to outdo each other.

This is the 1971 ring given to the winners of the super bowl kansas city, kansas city chiefs in 1971. this was any rice -- andy rice's ring.

It's a very classic, elaborate ring back then.

Then you look at -- do you mind if i try -- absolutely.

There's a huge size difference and a huge wattage difference, right?

This one is ridiculous.

It is known as the glitzy as to -- glitziest ring ever produced for sports, 2012 ravens super bowl ring.

The player was chastised for letting his super bowl ring go.

They won the super bowl jenni rivera -- superbowl in january of 2012. this is total weight white gold.

That is pretty hefty.

This is well beyond.

How much will that go for?

This should go for about $70,000. right now the bidding is $37,000 and it ends a week from today for my february 7 -- today, february 7. a lot of people have san francisco 49ers.

This is the ring from the year that steve young set a super bowl record, throwing for six touchdowns this super bowl.

You can see the lombardi trophies there, the five different super bowl's those teams won.

Speaking of the ravens, you can see the difference in a couple of years.

This is when they won their first super bowl.

This ring belonged to jamie sharper, the great linebacker of the ravens.

This is his super bowl ring for winning the super bowl.

If a team wins, what does that do to the value?

Is it more important that the game was close?

But the player is well known?

I was in the green room.

Somebody asked you, do you have a super bowl three ring?

The year the team takes tremendous importance.

The other thing you have to look at is the glamour.

You will see somebody -- the winner of this ravens ring will be wearing it.

A lot of the guys that are collectors and investors -- where do you wear that?

I know somebody who owns a joe dimaggio world series ring.

He is a doctor and wears it everyday to work.

What other professions -- do you have groups where you are like, it is the wall street crowd, or the entrepreneurial crowd?

Who is buying these?

The wall street crowd are big on the rings, the best supporters at my auction.

We get phone calls all the time.

You see different brokerage names coming up.

They are great collectors.

They buy to collect and invest.

You look at the history of rings.

A babe ruth ring sold for $75,000 25 years ago and now would be worth $2 million.

You are putting your money into diamonds and gold as well.

Not that i like to steer away too hard from diamonds and gold, but there is a football.

You brought a jersey as well.

What is special about this?

This is from 1987, super bowl 21 football.

This happens to be game used and it was signed -- it is faded over 26 years -- lawrence taylor.

That is a game used football up for auction at goldin auctions.

This is going to be a key atom, the patent manning -- item, the peyton manning jersey.

We've got to let it go.


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