An Options Play for Tesla

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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Trading Block's Tim Biggam discusses his options play for Netflix and Tesla with Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Options up.

Joining me now from the cboe is tim with trading block/ i know you are looking at two of the most short is -- most shorted stocks.

Hub about 227%. what is your strategy?

The markets had a heck of a year.

Finally slowing down a little bit.

The old that is, don't jump in front of the train.

Netflix, we finally saw a little week this yesterday.

The money calls perez, 8% above where the market is that, -- the money calls , 8% above where the market is at.

Not overly bears, but the bull run has probably gotten ahead of itself.

Netflix closing out at a record $13 earlier this week.

Us talk about tesla, one of the most shorted stocks.

A straight moonshot.

The same kind of strategy.

Again, waiting for the stock to stall.

You don't know how high is high until the price index tells you so.

It seems to be the top at 172. selling the 180 call, buying the 190 call for protection.

Reunion around 235. again, just looking for the stock to stall out and not really go much higher.

Ok, tim, thank you.

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