What the Brain Trust at Apple Thinks of Its Future

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Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) – Bloomberg Businessweek’s Sam Grobart recaps his sit down with Apple’s hierarchy about their focus and goals and CEO Tim Cook’s vision for the company and its products. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Grobart did a junkets -- i was a junketeer.

This is a company that controls its access to the press carefully, and the opportunity to sit down with cook, the chief designer, and -- and you went right at it with them, didn't you?

Toe to toe, tom.

Dime bag that's what surprised you?

The message i saw there was we are not surprised by any of this even if maybe they are surprised by some of this, they will never trade that.

They are saying we will take the high road, we will be a high-end product, we will not fight everybody on a race to the bottom, and we can do well in the upper segment of the market.

They did a good job convincing that they feel comfortable with apple's position.

Our previous guest said only the paranoid survive in silicon valley.

What do they seem paranoid about?

I think they feel paranoid about intellectual property.

They still take that very seriously.

Continuing legal battles with samsung and whoever else is something they are very focused on.

They are also focused on their internal goals of building great products.

The thing that is great about your article, it is opposite what i call the media zeitgeist.

I don't measure our success in unit market share.

We are fixated on sophomoric ratios which they are not paying attention to.

There is an old quote from steve jobs in 2004 when he said our market share in the pc market is greater than bmw or mercedes market share in automobiles.

What is so wrong with being mercedes or bmw?

What was the phone you saw in asia?

The galaxy s4. do they completely refute the new phone?

They don't completely refute anything.

If you look what they did with the ipod, that became a line of products, from $49 up to $400. on the price issue, the idea is to compete in emerging markets where samsung is winning.

How can they do that if they are not willing to lower the price or the quality?

Another apple executives said there are no emerging markets.

Every market has an upper end or a lower end.

We will compete for the upper end of the market.

I have an important question.

The mac was once dominant, and it gave way to pc's and the whole windows operating system.

You would have to be insane not to remember the lessons of the 1980's or the 1990's. android is so fragmented, so many different versions which cause compatibility projects -- compatibility problems for users.

That was not the case for windows.

How much does the t-shirt cost you?

They are just spectacular t- shirts.

Did he give you one?

I wish he had.

He did complement my bag.

You took your man bag out there?

He said the edge of your bag is just -- yes.

I have no doubt he actually said that.

Do they care about the stock price?

Not as perhaps other ceo's and executives do.

Cook said i do not judge my or apple's valued by the market.

How did you get this interview?

I was out there and was supposed to see steve jobs.

It did not work out.

How do you get in front of not one, not two, but three guys?

I have been covering apple in various media outlets for a long time.

How do they respond to the idea that they are not the innovation machine they once were under steve jobs?

They categorize innovation differently, saying it is not just about new categories, not about a smart watch or tv device, it is about innovating the silicon in the chips, adding new features properly, in invading them -- innovating them fully.

We don't just take -- must read, sam grobart's cover on "businessweek." you can probably see it on your samsung galaxy as well.

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