Michael Lewis: How I Became a Writer

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April 3 (Bloomberg) -- “Flash Boys” Author Michael Lewis discusses his writing career on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What someone like me does, you are trying to get your particular vision down on the paper, you learn something in the world and are trying to explain it to a reader in your voice.

That comes from a lot of ways -- in a lot of ways from my father.

He was extremely articulate and a storyteller.

You grew up in the new orleans tradition of english language.

You worked with arguably the editor in america today.

Does he read write you a lot, or do you rewrite yourself a lot?

He plays a very critical function, starling lawrence.

One is he tells the story if i have gone off track, if i have lost the reader.

Or if he does not understand it in some way.

The second is when it is really not working, when the prose is not working, or he tells me.

Just rip it up?


The first thing he taught me was -- and if you look at my former book you can see it -- once you have gotten the reader in the first 40 or 50 pages, you can take them anywhere.

I was worried, how do i explain the mortgage bond market without putting everybody to sleep?

It was nothing to do with me, it was all about the mortgage bond market.

He said do not worry about it.

By the time you get there, they will follow you anywhere.

Create that environment where you are taking the reader on a journey and they trust you.

What do you do with your kids about writing?

Parents are celebrating kids getting into college.

How do you get kids to write in the eighth grade or the fourth grade gekko -- or the fourth grade?

I have kids 14 and seven.

Never once have they asked me, dad look at my paper, what do you think of this.

I feel like kind of the elephant in the china cabinet.

To walk in their lives and say let me tell you about writing.

We have had almost no interaction.

What i do with them is find really good children's books and read them aloud to them and have endless cover stations about them.

Anything by neil game and, dr.

Seuss for the younger one.

It stimulates the language impulse.

Our twitter question of the day is, "what are you going to write next?" where did "moneyball" come from?

In free agency started in baseball, i got curious.

Where did you learn to be curious?

That is a very deep question.

It is.

I go through periods of my life, when i am on a book tour, for example, where if i felt the way i feel now all the time, i would not write books.

It is true, i get interested in something and i am like a dog with a bone.

So "moneyball" -- almost all the books, there is some question at the beginning of it.

The question was, if the market is efficient for baseball players, how come teams do not

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