An EPIX Deal for Time Warner Cable

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- EPIX CEO Mark Greenberg discusses the company's plan to launch on Time Warner Cable on March 18th. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman also comments. (Source: Bloomberg)

Off by explaining what exactly this agreement means.

Time warner cable has over 12 a half-million homes that they have access to.

Epix is a premium service similar to hbo or showtime or we have uncut, unedited movies.

Blockbuster hits like sky fall, hunger games, tyler perry, the avengers.

We have had a great series of trance -- franchises from line gay pictures.

It allows us to put our movies on available to 12.5 million more homes which really significantly increases our reach in the traditional world.

Jonm, come in on this.

You have contest in the process of trying to buy time warner cable so what could that mean?

With this deal change?

I think we all know there has been a lot of discussions that have been going on about time warner cable over the last several months starting back at the company conference last summer.

I think as we work in really good faith with the time warner cable management team, we created a deal for both sides that will live well beyond any transaction that goes on.

We are excited that we are going to help time warner cable generate incremental revenue and we think this becomes a great place for us to be with them.

We hope that the comcast management team will see it as a way time warner cable will make incremental margins.

It will continue well beyond any transaction that goes on.

We are excited about that.

The management team has been really enormously supportive of this launch because they see this as a great way of delivering hollywood titles to their consumers.

Let's talk about the kinds of content we will be seeing on your network going forward.

There are paramount films that we will see.

There is a growing talk about the idea of epix moving into original programming.

If we were going to think about your company moving forward like netflix.

How she will be thinking about the evolution of epix?

Every network is looking for that hit series.

We start with a great proposition of having assets to him so many great franchise movies.

We have been doing critical acclaimed documentaries.

We have been doing that along with high-profile concerts and comedy.

The holy grail of every network is having a hit series.

We are fortunate.

We have lions gate, maybe one of the hottest tv groups out there today.

Paramount has limited its tv group as well as mgm in terms of the last few years and have delivered high profile high energy series.

We are going to be working with our equity owners and we believe that we have the opportunity in the very near future to create what we think our high-profile signature programs.

I know you are a veteran and industry.

Give us a little window into your past experience and i want to get some thoughts about your competitors particular google and youtube.

I started my career in hbo in 1981 and i spent eight years there.

In 1989, i left for showtime where i went into the marketing department, later running back group.

-- that group.

Eventually being responsible for executive vice president for sports programming.

Also responsible later in my career for corporate strategy.

You know what is going on in the business.

What do you think about google and its youtube work?

I think youtube is a great proposition.

Doesn't make money?

-- does it make money?

Did cable make money in the first five years?

I think they are trying to find what their way is going to be.

The world of cable started out with broadcasters moved to cable casters and is youtube is becoming micro rod casters -- broadcasters.

Is that an audience that you could be successful with?

I think the jury is still out.

They have invested a lot of money on their channels.

User generated content has been on youtube since its inception.

Are people -- is there enough there to find something that is going to be entertaining?

; we know there are some franchises that do enormously well on youtube.

We all take note of that.

Really quickly, netflix started out as a place where content from players like you could go.

Now we are seeing netflix, to cable indirectly.

Is a partner or is it a competitor?

I think the whole world has become frenemies these days.

You can make that argument about every media company out there.

Are they competitors?

Are they there as friends?

I think we have to find that existence of how we are able to build each other's business models.

Netflix has been an important customer of ours.

Are content does extremely well.

We have had some record months.

We are pleased.

Their advent of original

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