AMR-US Airways Merger Cleared for Takeoff

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Vicki Bryan, senior high yield analyst at Gimme Credit, breaks down the agreement clearing the way for the merger of AMR Corp. and US Airways, what it will mean for consumers and the challenges that await the joined company. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

New in this transaction?

The good news is that what is new is not news.

The deal that we saw yesterday is pretty much what everyone expected.

It is a good thing, it is less disruptive than what was anticipated by the most recent rumors.

It is good news and we are ready to move forward.

The headlines are reagan, laguardia, lax, the rest of them are beneath our selfish interests.

What should we focus on?

The body count?

Better service?

Airlines sitting in the desert in arizona?

Better service overall was the trend we have been seen for the airline.

This is an industry that remarkably after decades has finally become sustainably profitable, which has really changed over the past decade.

What we have seen is the airlines have gotten more efficient and provided better service at the same time.

The previous mergers we have been paying a lot of attention to that were approved, arguably they were more conflicted than this, those airlines were more profitable and had better ratings from customers.

You can have customer service that is satisfactory to your flying public as well.

Now you have the airlines able to merge, the question is -- how well will they?

The continental and united merger, they struggled, and wrote about how difficult it was.

What is the outlet for them getting their cultures together?

United really was a cautionary tale.

We are all in a happy moment right now of the merger getting approved, but life is short and so is our honeymoon.

The next stage is going to be execution.

I do not anticipate seeing some of the problems as they take this on, it will be a similar situation to what continental management took on.

Taking on a much bigger airline.

I would anticipate that they will see the same level of challenges as united.

It probably will not be textbook perfect as we follow delta and northwest, but i think it will be something more successful than united.

Very good.

More on that merger throughout the day.

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