Americans Don't Like Kamikaze Politics: Langer

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Langer Research Associates President Gary Langer discusses public polling on U.S. politics. He speaks with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Pushed the country to the brink and the political fallout is falling across the country.

Our pollster is joining us to show us who americans are blaming for the budget mess.

We have heard the numbers are terrible, particularly for the republican party.

Americans do not appreciate, causing politics which is what we are seen in washington.

The ratings are not good for anybody but particularly for the republicans.

Right now in our latest data, 53% of americans disapprove of the way barack obama is handling the budget dispute.

61% as the roof of the way that democrats are handling it.

74% disapprove of the republicans which is remarkably high.

They're getting the brunt of the blame.

Is that because of the tactics that they chose to use?

Is the public playing -- paying close enough attention?

These are considered judgments that the public is making.

Look at the difference over time.

Since the crisis began him a disapproval of brock obama is essentially flat.

-- barack obama is essentially flat.

Republicans, an 11% increase.

However, people love to say that this is the worst it has ever been in congress.

I know that you have the numbers to demonstrate that this is really no worse in terms of public opinion and the last shutdown.

There is a couple of ways to cut it.

Let's talk about favorability.

Gallup had data in which 28% of americans expressed a favorable opinion of the republican party.

That is the lowest they have had back to 1992. public support for congress has been a road in at the same time.

While the republicans are in congress, 28% and the democrats are at 43%. this is disproportionally damaging to republicans.

In historical context, the story changes.

If you look at attitudes around the shutdown in 1995 and 1996, bill clinton's approval ratings were essentially identical to barack obama's now.

The republicans in congress, dreadful then, are exactly the same now.

What happened in the 1996 election, bill clinton got elected and republicans held the house and senate.

These do not predict what will

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