Dov Charney: I’m a Survivor and I Want to Win

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Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “The Roundup,” Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Olivia Sterns, Eric Chemi and Michael McKee wrap up the day’s top market stories on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Will begin hearing evidence tomorrow and the police shooting death of teenager michael brown as violent clashes continue in ferguson, missouri.

Earlier today before merck new york police commissioner spoke to bloomberg.

It seems to be a consensus that there is this relatively small number of people who are committing crimes.

That the majority of people are peacefully demonstrating.

We have to focus on those people who are bidding crimes and try to identify them through observation posts.

And then you move in with the rest teams -- arrenstst teams.

A lot of questions about how militarized our local police forces should be.

In ferguson, people are angry, and it is a mob mentality of what you're going to do.

There is looting, crime happening, most people are not doing anything wrong.

How do you find the balance?

No matter what you do, it either will be not tough enough or too tough.

There's a lot of numbers that show the number of automatic weapons and combat uniforms that have been sent to world child's in 1990 -- rural towns since 1990, it is waiting to see the funding in the military equipment -- amazing to see the funding in the military equipment.

There are several stories coming together here.

One is the tragic shooting of michael brown, which gets lost in the looting and the rioting.

The rioting is what has to be stopped at some point.

And then the underlying causes of the banal.

The joblessness, the poverty, the problems in st.

Louis and ferguson.

It has all come together and it is hard to unspool all of these strands.

Really a tough problem for the governor.

A black attorney general sent by black resident, that should send a message -- president, that should send a message.

Shares have never fallen below the ipo price for google.

That is impressive.

If you had $10,000 at the ipo, it would be worth $100,000. those are billions of dollars for all of these people.

It is a top 10 stock in the last 10 years.

But apple still beat it.

They have not done better than apple yet.

People want caffeine more than anything else.

If we had bought it, it would not have been the best ipo to buy that your.

-- here.

There are three companies that have outperformed google over the past 10 years that have the same ipo year. is up about 1700%. there are two pharmaceuticals that are both up over 1.1 thousand percent.

Here is a company that has not done well since its ipo.

American apparel, i spoke to dov charney last night.

He was at a conference in las vegas.

I was asking him about the drama surrounding his situation and his ousting by the board.

I asked about it possibly intervening to a decline in sales.

He says that some that are loyal to the bread may be inspired by the fact that i will survive this corporate battle.

Young people like a survival story, i am a survivor and i want to win.

Most of his customers do not even notice that this is going on.

This is something that is talked about in the business media.

For those of us who do know, is he really trying to paint this as a champion type of story?

If he is able to survive this board, that will be a good thing for customers.

Does anyone believe that?

The stock had been going down for years before any of the happened.

The only thing he said that was true was that nobody knows who he is.

The stock was tanking.

The shareholders own the company, and he is not performing for the shareholders.

There is a reason they may want him out.

If their investment is losing value, why do with the ceo around?

Except this is a man who is 42% of the company so he is one of the biggest shareholders.

Rarely complicates things -- it certainly complicates things, if you are drawing to get rid of somebody with that big a stake in the company.

I have really, come away with the impression that this is a guy who eats and sleeps and breathes american apparel.

This is his life.

You want somebody who really cares about the company as an investor, but iton the other hand if these allegations are proven true, then that is going to make it very complicated.

We know it is a penny stock.

He ran it into the ground, even though it was his whole life.

If any other founder had the same tracker record, it would be over.

The ice bucket challenge has taken over the world.

Celebrities and even bill gates dumping buckets of ice over their heads to raise awareness for als.

The way it works, if you challenge three people and they had 20 days to do it, this whole thing would be over in 22 days.

The entire world would be done.

I do not want to hear about this in three weeks.

Everyone should be done with it.

Can we remind everyone that the point of doing it is to avoid giving $100 to charity, and that losing is not a bad thing.

Studies show that people give about half.

So the rest of the money is probably coming out of other charities.

While it is good for als, it is a very rare disease.

There are things like dementia that are more prevalent.

All kinds of data on street

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