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Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Amazon’s Phoenix Fulfillment Center General Manager Josh Teeter discusses how Amazon prepares packages for Cyber Monday and the holiday season. He speaks on Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

That, the general manager.

I have been here a couple of times over the years.

Is there anything substantially different now than a couple of years ago?

We are a lot fuller than we have been.

We have a bunch of associates that are new.

We have a lot of seasonal helpers here to play santa.

The company ended last year with 88,500 employees.

You have 70,000 temporary workers for the holidays.

Why so many here?

We have to do a lot of volume we are not landing for all year round.

The big increase in volume, it is important we have people here to fulfill the customer orders.

All of the shoppers on cyber, it is a big deal for us.

Last year, i saw lines of trucks outside the building waiting to drop stuff off.

This year there is only a handful.


I think we're getting better year-over-year.

Why does it indicate better?

To me it indicates less.

We have a lot more stuff here.

We were able to make it look like there is less on the outside, less backlog.

We are more than ready for cyber monday this year.

Give me an indication of how full the building is.

The scope of the building is incredible.

We have a couple more million units ready to ship out.

How are you able to cram that in?

It is like a symphony.

Everybody has to work together.

A lot of smart people work together.

They work with our software.

They find different ways of putting our items away.

Talk about the software and how that has evolved over the years.

I understand what i am seeing.

But what is happening behind the scenes with software is hard to imagine.

We like to meld software with associates.

Things that are hard for an associate to do, like find the emptiest part of the building, that is something software is good at.

We are constantly trying to find the two things and meld them together to make it a better process for everybody.

On a basic level, this is a factory.

How empowered are individual people to make changes?

When people have a great idea, we will try to implement it.

People come and talk to me all the time and give me great ideas.

We implement a number throughout the year.

It may be something in the software about what kind of code to use.

I can put a picture on that.

That is something we did this year.

On a day-to-day basis, what do you do?

The workers see me in my office and asked the same question.

I am responsible for everything that happens in the fulfillment center.

I'm focused on getting product in and out and employee and associate engagement as well as managing the workforce.

Associate engagement is simple.

Talk to them.

Find out what we can do better.

Focus on how to help them do their job better and deliver a better product.

When you're hiring, what are the kinds of things you look for?

One thing i really like is we are looking for people who are lucky.

I'm not talking about people who flip a coin, but lucky people expect good outcomes.

They operate with that idea in mind.

When you get that, at the end of the day, you have somebody who is hard-working, expects good things, an optimistic person and a lot of fun to work with.

I do see that in the culture with people who seem to have that attitude.

It is something we consider important.

In terms of this facility, i know cyber monday has become the biggest day of the year.

10 years ago, it was not even top 10 in the e-commerce world.

How do you manage this season?

Heavy planning.

We start months ago.

We figure out how we will operate.

For the last month, we have been having a lot of product coming in, storing it so it is available for black friday and cyber monday.

We switch gears the next couple of weeks and focus on delivering the holidays for people.

Thank you.

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