Can Amazon Survive Without Bezos Leading the Way?

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Nov. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek senior writer Brad Stone examines under the leadership of Jeff Bezos. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


If you look at everything jeff bezos accomplished and the pass investors seem to have given him for his focus of short-term market gains versus profitability, does amazon have a plan what to do if jeff bezos that's a sign or, god forbid, gets hit by a bus?

Is turning 50 in january.

I think he has many years, if not decades, as that of amazon.

But it is a great question because this is a company that is built around him and the way he likes to process information and his ambition and aggressiveness.

I am sure there are succession plans.

There are many executives at amazon that have been there for quite a while and think like he does.

So i think they are probably in good hands.

If he does make it for a few more years and follows of this strategy, when did they start making money?

How much time do investors give him?

Well, you know, shareholders believe -- they believe in the vision.

It goes back all the way to the late 1990s when amazon sent its first letter to shareholders and jeff basically said he would prioritize free cash flow and market share.

They are not impatient.

Amazon loses money each quarter for the last couple of quarters, and the stock price goes up.

They see a lot of opportunity, a lot of new markets, hardware, product categories, and they have allowed jeff and the management team to keep investing in the business.

I like what you put it.

Shareholders believe weird also the management team believes its well.

In your book you talk about the whole who follow his every order and go along with what he proposes.

But there has been high turnover among the top executives.

Amazon still does not have a president or coo.

So how does the company survive without a jeff bezos if there is not senior management in place?

Actually recently the senior management as am -- at amazon has been relatively stable.

You have guys like jeff wilke who has been there for more than 10 years who really runs the retail business in north america.

They think like jeff does.

Jeff-bots is almost a term of endearment, they have his philosophies.

I think the management team right now -- i mean, it was different 10 years ago during the dot copm bust with turnover, but now it is pretty stable.

To investors believe this is a jeff bezos company if he were not there question mark with a have the same faith in that strategy as executed by the jeff-bots as they do with them or is this a steve jobs kind of thing where people are betting on the guy?

Like any other founder led company there is that transition.

Apple is having those growing pains and microsoft as well.

Amazon's day will come.

It will be a difficult position because the amazon story really is the jeff easel story.

They are so closely associated.

That is probably his greatest challenge.

If he wants to create an enduring company, which i know he does, he has to make sure the institution succeed him.

Who does he see as his rivals?

What they will say is they are so customer focused that they don't look at competition.

Of course, that is not entirely true.

I would say that since they are expanding in so many ways -- apple and google on the world of digital devices and services, to walmart and target retail, and tesco in europe and ibm and enterprise.

So, lots of competition.

At amazon really is remarkably internally focused and growing in a lot of different ways.

Just wondering because it will give you a direction, a sense of where the company is headed.

His wife had a critical review of your book on amazon, ranking it one star out of five.

Jeff bezos he has yet to make it publicly marketed i'm wondering if you heard from him or his people.

You know, one of the interesting recovering patterns in the book is how jeff does f ind creative ways to address competitors and perceived critics.

Even though i don't consider myself a credit -- i really just wanted to tell the story -- i saw that review as -- as unpleasant as it was for me as an author -- is really probably a reflection of how jeff thinks about it as well.

Look, he prefers to talk to his customers.

Amazon is somewhat secretive.

I can see why he probably did not want to appreciate my cup.

But my goal was to talk as many as to as many people as i could until the story of this remarkable company.

Stick around because our twitter question has to do with jeff bezos and amazon -- i question is is, is jeff bezos as important as these jobs for apple?

The answers -- yeah, but steve jobs had to die first.

I don't think jeff bezos wants to do that.

Who would play jeff bezos in the movie version of him in "the everything store?" you are going to test my knowledge of hollywood actors.

Joseph gordon levitt.

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