Amazon Seeks Greenlight From FAA for Drone Tests

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July 11 (Bloomberg) -- Amazon, which wants to deliver packages by drone, asked aviation regulators for permission to expand testing outside its research laboratory.Asia Society Senior Fellow Jamie Metzl speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Packages by drones.

I am serious.

Amazon has asked the faa to expand testing of drums outside its research laboratory.

The company wants to deliver packages weighing less than five pounds with unmanned aircraft.

Regulators have banned most commercial drone operations so far.

The faa trying to come to grips -- i don't know, is this rural america?

I feel like this is the comedies catch on comedy central.

I think the "washington post" did a great series of articles.

There will be accident.

You will be in westchester and some kid will be hit by a drunk falling out of the sky.

Jamie, you are delivering by sim cards.


Do drums come up in discussion?

I do not think right now they do, but for sure in our future drones will be involved in domestic whether it is delivery of goods or travel.

Basically airplane still need pilots, fighter jets do not need pilots -- i will get pizza delivered by drones in new york city.

Sure, why not?

Not necessarily new york city.

Drones spying on citizens.

Although -- it always seems creepy.

Jamie, you were an adviser to the senate committee on foreign relations, so you understand the way washington works.

Can this thing gets her washington?

Eventually it will, but it will take a while.

When drones become a regular mode of transportation and delivery, -- i am looking down 58th street here passed 3rd avenue.

I see a drone, scarlet, coming right now.

That is my breakfast!

The twins at the "antique roadshow -- " -- adam's free slurpee.

Hey, i am liking this drone thing.

They fled european stocks in

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