Amazon Seeks FAA Approval to Test Fly Drones

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July 10 (Bloomberg) –- Amazon has asked aviation regulators for permission to expand testing of prototypes outside its research laboratory. Bloomberg’s Adam Satariano reports on “Bloomberg West” (Source: Bloomberg)


Amazon is asking the government for leeway in terms of how it is testing the use drones jeff bezos was to use for delivering packages.

So right now, the testing of drones is centered on a few areas.

Amazon is saying let us do it in our own backyard, if you will.

You're talking about the octave copter -- octocopter.

People have said this is not happening a time soon.

Other people of been more optimistic.

I don't know -- is it a few years out.

In this document, they revealed for the faa, they talked about how they have some that can fly 50 miles per hour carrying a five-found package.

-- five-pound package.

They talk about how large portions of the packages they deliver every day are very light, so they lend themselves to this sort of delivery.

I do not know if having these drones will be dropping dead at your house anytime soon -- that could be quite a few projects -- outages.

-- packages.

How does this fit into amazon's broader vision of taking risks and world domination?

It seems like that is what they want.

A thing here is speed of delivery and shrinking the amount of time between someone pressing by that and the package arrives at the first up.

Building fulfillment centers, closer and closer to big metropolitan hubs, trying to get them closer to people's houses.

This is an extension of that.

Drones coming from these warehouses to drop off a package.

It kind of seems out of science fiction almost, but jeff bezos was criticized a little bit when he used "60 minutes" to show this off as a publicity stunt.

But they continue to show that they are serious.

And they have been testing out there grocery -- their grocery delivery service.

I am actually a prime fresh customer.

It has been interesting.

The groceries come super fast.

And you can order non-grocery items and get them in your amazon fresh delivery bag.

So, they're really moving fast when it comes to getting things to your door faster.

Yeah, absolutely.

Just -- their business has grown dramatically.

Just in the past week, if you think about the different things they are dealing with -- they have this ongoing atoll with the book publishers -- battle with e-book book publishers.

They are being sued the government over child apps, for in-app purchases on kindle tablets, things like that.

They are everywhere.

Jeff bezos, the ceo, his ambitions are as big as ever.

Thank you so much.

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