Amazon’s Record-Setting Holiday Season

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Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) – Bloomberg’s Julie Hyman discusses Amazon’s record holiday sales. She speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's “In the Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Staff that they did not give.

We know how many orders there were on cyber monday.

We know how many prime members they added in december.

We do not know how the total holiday season once.

The company does not tell us.

It will only say was record-setting.

They give a lot of individual stats, but nothing that shows us that this was the best ever holiday season.

Presumably, we will get the numbers as they continue to go through them.

What they do give up our a number of granular little fun facts and tidbits.

For example, they tell us that 1000 per minute xbox one and ps for consuls were so old at the peak of sales.

Enough rainbow looms was spot to stretch around the earth.

And we know that they sold enough hot wheels to go around the daytona race track.

We have all of these little tidbits.

Whales also know the people were shopping on mobile.

It is very specific what they are telling us.

More than half of the customers did shop using a mobile device.

Between thanksgiving and cyber monday, very specific windows of time.

Customers ordered more than five toys per second from a mobile device.

This gives us a snapshot here.

It is by no means a comprehensive picture of what was going on.

It is sort of the little window into part of what was going on at amazon.

A choice snapshot.

What about the research firms?

What do they say?

Some of the data is sort of chopped up.

We have numbers that are desktop sales only.

That is a big caveat.

We are seeing some migration to mobile here.

There was a 10% change in the holiday season through december 22. 10% increase, i should say.

On thanksgiving day itself, that was 21%. overall, you all these peaks of activity.

Overall company increase was 10%. the final online shopping week was completer of -- considerably shot there -- considerably softer.

That is different than we have seen in years past.

You had this sort of crunched holiday season.

You did not have as much time because of the late thanksgiving.

The anticipation was that you would see this sort of full-court press of shopping the whole time.

That does not seem to have been what happened.

You saw a slowdown that last week.

Julie, thank you so much.

Interesting to see what the numbers tell us.

Senior markets correspondent, julie hyman.

Let's turn to mcdonald's and a big oh.

They are telling customers not to eat fast food.

Recommending selling unopened presents on ebay to raise money.

A series of mistakes that they have made over the last several months.

They have taken down their employee resource website, called the mcresource website.

They quietly put this down over the christmas holiday.

It was on wednesday.

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