Amazon’s New Kindle `Fires’ Direct Strike at iPads

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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman examines the new Kindle Fire offerings from Amazon as they go on the offensive against Apple in the table market. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

They're coming out with.

They love low prices.

There is an updated version of on the lower end with the kindle fire hd, 139 dollars.

On the higher end, two new devices.

One seven-inch, one closer to nine inches.

The candle -- kindle fire hdx.

They're trying to make this a better president -- routed through some of the typical things you see, faster processor and the resolution on the scene -- screen and the weight as well.

A lot of new features.

The one a lot of people have been talking about is made a -- mayday, you can immediately have a conversation with me on the customer service side.

But the biggest story for investors is with us make a dent in the market share tablet story for amazon versus the rest of the industry?

We know very well that apple has been a dominate player with the ipad.

Samsung is selling a whole bunch as well.

When you look at the breakdowns from players like ibc, amazon often comes in third.

A long way away.

We have a busy holiday season, likely to hear about and ipad mini in the weeks to come.

The tablet -- a lot to watch for.

A lot of able see this as apple versus amazon.

Jeff bezos have a various effort -- a very different strategy.

100%. you have a company that wants to make a lot of comp -- money on every at-bat in sales was is jeff bezos at amazon that -- we are happy to sell these devices at's is our hope is that we will make it up on the content we sell for people using these devices.

Rbc has found an interesting stats, people who do own a kindle buy four times as many books through amazon, whether that is physical books or ebooks.

One of the things they have done with the new devices to try to make the videogame a better -- the videogame experience better because they find that the in- app riches through games of a big-money maker.

All right, jon erlichman, thank you.

Realnetworks, a company that

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