Amazon's Loss Widens as Bezos Keeps Spending

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- KCG Holdings' A.B. Mendez, Knoll COO Lynn Utter and Bloomberg's Cory Johnson break down Amazon's second-quarter loss on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Right now, $19.3 billion in revenue, 23% year-over-year growth and pretty much in line with the analyst that i always say got it wrong but they got it right.

The company losing even more money than they had asked made.

In spite of bringing $19.3 billion, they lose 15 million in terms of net income.

They also guess it was $.15, the first loss of the year or.

A lot more in revenue and the loss doubles to $15 million.

Pretty close to a breakeven dollars.

There is a difference making a little and losing a little.

The revenue is $18.3 billion.

What are you buying into?

I am bad at conjuring up cases for anything, not just amazon.

Amazon is becoming an increasingly important retailer.

They are limited and sometimes great success.

The shouldn't necessarily come as a surprise.

This has been the mo throughout.

Revenues are increasing and they are reinvesting that money in the business.

All good.

It is about free cash flow and how it returns to shareholders.

I'm going to keep digging through the numbers.

I will bring in eva mendes.

Let me just point out that there is revenue next quarter of $20 billion only 17% year-over-year growth, just continued slowdown in the top.

That is an issue.

You and i were just talking yesterday about this stock.

Do you think investors are starting to get impatient?

You need to have sustained high growth.

Investors want to see that grow up and play in the near-term.

I am curious to get your thoughts on just those.

He is such a force of nature, a big personality.

He is a great example of a founder who is also a leader.

He also seems to be a pretty good manager.

He has been able to change and grow.

He has led you through these times and he has learned and changed the style along with it.

Clearly a visionary.

It started out selling books 10 or 15 years ago on the internet and has the business to expand vastly the number of buttocks categories that they address and managing the business.

Netflix begun investing in original content.

At least within the u.s., e-commerce is an uptick.

Business is a visionary, the company has a singular position in the market.

As growth slows, investors could see improved cash flow markets.

Think you so much.

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