Amazon's Jeff Bezos Tops Vanity Fair's Power List

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Oct 8 (Bloomberg) -- Max Chafkin who helped put together Vanity Fair's 2013 "New Establishment List" speaks about the list with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

On this year's list?

Ask everyone was surprised by "the washington post." if you are back six months ago and said what industry will silicon valley be talking about, you would not have thought the newspaper industry.

But suddenly the newspaper industry looks pretty good and it's because basisbesos has commanded so much respect from everyone.

Even if you step back from "the post," amazon has done so well dominating in so many industries and just encroaching on everybody us as territory that it is looking very formidable.

And he's coming out with a book on jeff basis, -- on jeff bezos, so you have to read it.

After three years of putting this thing together, what do you see are the big changes in trends?

The reason why technology is so high on the list is because it's so influential.

If you look at who are the most powerful people, the most in for initial and you wonder what influences our culture right now and it is technology.

It is twitter and facebook and apple and amazon.

That is the reason that tec has dominated so much.

What is the process of putting this list together?

Is there a lot of debate?

Do you fight over the rankings?do you fight for your people ? we ask as many people as we can.

We tried to interview -- we cast a wider net than ends up going on the list.

We interview 30% were people.

Who are the people you're talking to?

Crises are the people who didn't quite win the honor.

We talked to insiders, venture capitalist, anyone we can find and ask them who do they musters back, who do they think is most influential and then we talk, just like anything else.

There is no secret of her them.

So the top women on the list come in at 14 and 15, sheryl sandberg emerson meyer.

Why are they higher up?

-- and marissa mayer.

Why are they not hire up?

I don't think it rises to this -- to the level of something like apple.

Sheryl sandberg, the book has done really well.

She has engineered an amazing turnaround at facebook.

But she is not the ceo, so the list -- but she started a movement with her book.

Obviously, she has vaulted 20 spots on our list a sickly because of the book.

And also because -- on our list a sickly because of the book.

Is anybody ever say -- on our list basically because of the bug.

Is anybody ever say, why am i not hire?

The power of the d list, we should talk about that as well.

When you look at what jay-z is doing, not just in music, he managed to have a platinum record before it even came out because of his deal with samsung.

You look at what he is doing and sports.

That is amazing.

Beyonce had a tour coming out, now the man a documentary.

They are doing so much in so many different feels that it is kind of remarkable . thank you so much for

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