Amazon's Freed: Fire Is a Great Value for Customers

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- Amazon's Ian Freed, vice president of Fire Phone, discusses the pricing and design of the Fire Phone with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

It is priced with great value.

It is a premium smartphone.

We included extra 16 gigs, an incredible amount of innovation.

With this introductory office -- offer of prime, it is a lot to offer.

It is a premium phone.

It is a great value.

It is something customers will appreciate.

Why go with one carrier?

We have had a long-standing relationship with at&t. they been a great partner for us on kindle.

How so?

We have denigrate job within delivering books in 60 seconds for many years.

We think fire phone works incredibly faxed -- fast because of the at&t network.

Free backup of photos in the cloud.

Are you able to offer the phone for certain ways?

One thing that we talked about already was how we're doing the handoff with mayday.

If a customer has a question about the phone, a press the mayday button and they get access to customer service on the film.

If they have a question with their bill, we can handoff the customer directly to an at&t customer.

We think that is one way we are working closely on it.

You were on the budget for four years.

I was.

Were you looking at the landscape and saying mobile is happening beyond kindle.

We need a bigger presence there.

Our goal was to look at what was available in the market.

We saw a number of companies doing things that were fairly similar.

We want to keep focusing on ways that we could invent.

We thought up dynamic perspective fairly early.

We were able to get demos up and running in a matter of weeks.

It took a ton of work from the engineers to make it robust and away that customers can use it every day and all kinds of light conditions.

How big is the team?

It is not something we are sharing.

It's a great question but not something we are sharing.

From business use, you talk about how the rest of the business might respond or react or be affected.

Do you think this will drive a lot more prime shopping of other nondigital items?

Our perspective it is a great product.

We know it is a great audit for prime customers.

It is one of the reasons we included the introductory offer.

In many ways are prime customers are our best customers.

If we keep building great products for them a rest will take care of itself.

Do you have a since the digital stuff will be enhanced by this?

We will have to wait and see.

If you would be thinking about the things you learn about prime customers, how they use your product, and optimize for them question mark or is this going to be more on board new customers?

We will have to weigh in see.

There are some things in the phone, we just announce prime music last week.

We know customers use music on phones all the time three customers will be using fire with the music collection quite a bit.

Will i get my hands on one, what is the thing i'm likely to miss?

Some of the small touches, the ability to flip to the right panel, getting lyrics in the music application, if you're in the calendar, you can just flip and get information about the meeting.

Tell people you're late.

Keep looking at those panels and you'll get a lot of innovation there.

Small touches that matter to customers.

The business plan behind,

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