Amazon Planning to Open Office in Israel

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Elliott Gotkine reports on Amazon opening an office in Isarael in 2014, speaking with Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Yes, amazon executives and tech companies are here in israel for a tel aviv innovation week.

They will draw up some business for amazon web service division.

It will have you up on the cloud on amazon.

It is very expensive.

They plan to set up shop here.

Build establishing an entity here in israel.

It will support the cloud computing customers here.

It will help them do their shopping.

Is amazon itself landing any shopping in israel soon?

You know, we always look around the world to see what companies can help our customers.

We continue to look at that.

They're not giving anything away.

They will need a lot of tech startups.

They will have a meet the leaders session.

Hundreds of startup entrepreneurs will get to grab them and have a chat with them.

Perhaps get a partnership or get some advice.

Will amazon be following in the footsteps of -- it is.

This week we had facebook announcing an acquisition of an israel data compression company.

In the past, facebook has had a couple of acquisitions here and taking the parts and shipping them that -- and the employees to silicon valley to its headquarters there.

This acquisition will have an opening of his own office here in israel.

Good news for israel.

There are other companies that have offices here.

Thank you.

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