Amazon Overtakes Hulu and Apple in Streaming

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April 8 (Bloomberg) -- Barton Crocket, Analyst at Friedman Billings Ramsey, discusses the state of online streaming video and Amazon’s claims of surpassing both Hulu and Apple. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Coast correspondent.

Amazon is saying that they have surpassed lou and apple in streaming video usage.

More people are streaming more video on amazon than on hulu or apple.

John, let me get your take on that.

It is nice to get some numbers from amazon on how many people are using the video service.

We have not known exactly how big a service is and how it you can compare it to netflix.

Amazon is probably hungry to share some information so that we can put its growth into context.

Amazon's video service has been growing.

You hear about how many streams the hunger games gets.

In terms of the amazon streaming service -- shows, you hear a lot about the growth of the business.

It is no surprise, especially since they have a set top box.

You are the analyst.

How do you value something like that should mark -- something like that?

It is not measured as precisely as television.

We see the nielsen ratings and see that people spend four hours a day on average watching television.

They spend about 10 minutes a day with online video.

We have done survey work that would tell us that the leading things that people use online are youtube and netflix.

18% of commuters -- consumers are using netflix.

Amazon prime was down in the list, closer to 10% of consumers.

For them to announce they are doing somewhat better puts them closer to the upper tier.

The backdrop is that you do see video transforming.

We have had a traditional cable pipe that is exploding to online distribution.

Video is the next generation killer app.

It is a challenge for the traditional distribution companies.

You hear about the millions being put in place by marissa mayer and now satya nadella going big with xbox, is that good money being put in?

With the tech companies are finding out is this is a different business.

When two years ago, the applications or software for computers and laptops.

People like yahoo!

And amazon, they want to spend a great deal on their own shows and own that killer app.

You only guy that has had success is netflix.

Their success was incredible.

Incredible and unpredictable.

For yahoo!

Or amazon, to match that level of success, it is not likely.

Is someone going to have to get pushed out?

We only have so many viewing hours in the day.

Everybody is in a position to grow.

The way people watch television is changing.

There will be some that are mightier.

If you look at the business model, you need both of these things.

You highlighted what it is that people are streaming.

On amazon, most likely it is not original shows.

It is likely the kind of stuff that amazon is able to get through partnership with viacom, like nickelodeon or dora the explorer.

If you look at hbo, for all of the success it has had, you have a massive amount of viewing on a network, like hbo, which is traditional movies, tied to the deals that they have with other hollywood studios.

You need both of those parts of the pie to be successful.

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