Amazon Offers Gift Cards, Shipping Refunds

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Dec. 26 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson reports on what Amazon is doing for customers affected by the shipping problems on Bloomberg Television’s “Lunch Money.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Those packages out the door and handing them over to fedex and ups, wants to make good with its customers, so it is offering $20 gift cards and refunds on shipping charges.

Amazon is still pointing the finger, saying we process those packages in time for holiday delivery -- it was their transportation network that's crude up.

What comes out ahead in the court of public opinion?

Nobody comes out ahead.

It's too late for the retailers to benefit for it much.

All the retailers who have been shipping online get a bad rush as well because they did not liver when they should have.

Ups says all the packages will be delivered today.

It will refund aaron international shipments made during the peak season, but not for ground shipments.

No guarantee for ground orders made after december 11. at a retail giant like amazon ever cut out the middleman?

It is entirely possible that amazon could vertically integrate downstream to the shipping and fulfillment part of it.

They have their own distribution centers.

If they develop their own fleet, that is a much bigger challenge.

We don't deliver stuff with drones quite yet.

It may be more efficient to contract out the way it does now with ups or usps.

. forget about the postal service.

The bottom line, realities are changing -- don't forget about

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