Amazon Moving Into Hardware Inevitable: Borthhwick

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June 19 (Bloomberg) -- Betaworks CEO John Borthwick discusses Amazon’s reasons for making it’s own smartphone on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Competitors like amazon and samsung?

I'm underwhelmed.

I am a creator and i do amazing things with my tablet as i wonder around the world could be selling point for samsung is i am not an apple fan boy.

I don't need to buy something doesn't ask her to wander dollars just for the label.

The selling point of the m's on fire is i am a consumer -- the selling point of the amazon fire is i am a consumer and i buy stuff.

Everything that it does feels like an app.

I don't understand why you need a phone to do those things.

Some of those a ready exist elsewhere and i don't know why you can't put those as an app on another phone.

What do you think?

What is the reason for putting this on the phone if you can get everything through an app?

I think the integration and amazon moving to hardware was inevitable.

The core features we talked about this morning -- not the 3-d, which is interesting technology but developers will have to push for it -- but the shopping button, fast buy button, that you can't do with an app.

The cameras, touch of a button -- i think it is an interesting natural extension of amazon.

I agree with you that it is not -- i don't think it is a big enough to shift to actually attract people and say, hey, i've got to have this phone.

John borthwick, founder and ceo of betaworks.

Brendan greeley, where does this leave the other carriers?

The iphone was qualitatively different than anything that had come before.

We have never seen any other bump in subscriber rates with the introduction of any other phone for any other carrier.

It is not move the dial at all for consumers will stop what we have seen move the dial for subscribers has been in the last year when there was a price were initiated by t-mobile.

People aren't stupid.

They care about their contract.

If there contract gets cheaper they will switch carriers.

Why doesn't jeff bezos just say you get to percent off on every purchase if you do it -- you get 2% off on on every purchase if you do it through the smartphone?

Maybe it is because that is where he makes all the money?

Here is the problem with that, you become like what jcpenney tries to do, low prices every day, new 2% -- 2% off all the time.

Why hasn't facebook come out with a new phone?

Because it is an app, not a phone.

It was an interesting experiment, i'm glad they try to, but as with the amazon phone, there are certain things that are not worth an entire phone.

One thing i've been watching recently is the firefox os.

Mozilla decided it was going to build its own mobile open-source operating system three years ago.

Had i known this three years ago, i would've lasted out of the room.

Suddenly it turns out they are 8% in columbia, 3% in poland.

They don't seem like huge numbers and i can sort of smell tom getting bored by these numbers, but windows with all of its marketing muscle has only cracked 3% worldwide.

Firefox launched a year ago and a lot of emerging markets are already at 8%. that is a good point, but as we look at the amazon phone, they are not doing anything in emerging markets right house with these a lot of questions out there.

Brendan greeley, thank you so much.

We have john borthwick as our

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