Amazon, Microsoft Follow Alternate Paths to Growth

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April 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jonathan Ferro and Carline Hyde examines results from Microsoft and Amazon on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.”

The watchdog is watching all banks for price setting.

Let's turn to corporate news and talk tech.

Microsoft's new ceo doubles down on cloud computing as amazon burns through cash reserves.

Let's kick it off with microsoft.

There's a new person at the helm and he needs to get it right.

I think he is getting it right already.

5.6 6 billion dollars for fiscal third-quarter earnings.

It is all about going into the cloud.

They're doing it well and doing it a lot quicker than many people anticipated.

Two months on the job and doing exactly what he said he was going to do.

All three companies doing exactly what they said they would do.

Facebook getting more advertising on mobile.

Apple doing what they really do well selling more advertisement.

They're going to expand outside web retailing.

Amazon has a very strong cloud computing element.

Microsoft provides a lot of cloud computing to apple.

Amazon is a fascinating story because they have $20 billion in sales last quarter.

They also spent close to $20 billion.

They're spending as much as they're getting in.

Rough it was just 100 million dollars.

Everyone at amazon is betting on future growth.

They're making sure it is very slick process when you order.

They're looking at delivering groceries.

Tesco in the u.k. is worried about that.

You have the amazon five television.

There will be selling a smart television in the future.

This is fake, blue sky thinking.

Investors are buying it.

-- this is big, loose guy thinking.

-- blue sky thinking.

Next month i'm just going to send you a note book.

Personally, i'm a little freaked out by the process.

The thing about amazon that surprises me is that these investors have such immense faith in the company.

I was having a conversation with someone saying come on, this is ridiculous.

How do you price world domination?

This is a dump in a that is tried to dominate every side of our life.

Even though it survived the tech bubble, back then it lost 80% of its value.

When the valuation is that high, these are the companies that will get hit, and get hit quite hard.

You speak to a lot of retailing ceos, they are saying that their biggest competitor is amazon.

They must really be getting something right.

They are.

Your hardware aspect is also fascinating.

They're taking on apple with five tv.

Also, other hardware they're developing is helping preempt what you want to buy.

They have something called the --. not only can you scan your barcode and it goes on your shopping list.

They're making it is slicker process.

You can say something into the microphone like chocolate chip cookies.

It will recognize it and put it on your shopping list.

I am so lucky i don't have an eye microphone by my desk.

If you're making hardware exclusively, amazon are not doing it to make profit, they're doing it is a vessel for the other services.

If we boil it down to basic, this is just about making life easier?

Are we just getting lazy or do not have the time?

Is amazon just making it cheap and easy?

They want to make the whole process so much easier.

It is going to make life that much slicker.

This is a company that is also

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