Amazon May Spread Wings in Europe: Roberts

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Dec. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bryan Roberts, Director of Retail at Kantar Retail, discusses various factors affecting the retail markets in Europe and his subsequent outlook for several retailers. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

In good quality but not too expensive or actually all of them are great quality and not too expensive.

On the cheaper side.


Two of them don't have their e commerce operations.

Loverts excitable talk about multichannel, only channel in the ecommerce space.

They have resisted any temptation to move into significant online operations.

At the other end of the spectrum in terms of offerings.

We all shop differently.

Primark, you something on the cheap side and you don't really know what you are looking for.

You say that t-shirt is two pounds or three pounds and you buy in bulk and buy more than you need to.


A very different customer basis.

Aldi, 2013 has finally become thier year where they have become a middle class staple.

It transsends the traditional class now.

We expect that to continue in 2014. an tonal an already cut-throat grocery sector.

How do they do that?


A lot of the campaigns are luxurious and also the mince pies.

It is witty and -- it is very aggressive.

It is not directly comparing it to brand products against major brands.

The more store openings.

The decor has played into increased -- from frugele shoppers as they look to trim money from their grocery bills.

A fantastic year.

Majors on quality and affordability.

How does aldi actually compare with lidl?

A bit of a divergeance in the model.

Similar business models.

What we're seeing is lidl splitting away from the traditional model.

Becoming more of a discount supermarket.

Offering more brands and discounts and promotions.

This is actually the one i was thinking about.

It is a lidl promotion which looks very classy.

Talk to me a little bit about christmas sales.

Food is doing all right.

It is something people focus on.

There is that spending for the turkey, for the mince pies.

Clothing is not doing so great.


a lot of the m & s stores opened at 6:00 a.m. this morning trying to get some last-minute trade.

Are they on sale?

30% discount on lots of clothing at the moment.

I think they reached 40% last week.

Clothing remains flaccid.

That is going to be a challenge, trying to reignite the clothing part of the business, getting women back in the stores.

What are retailers going to face in the next couple of weeks?



Have they better managed it than last year?

There has been a lot of caution this year.

They had left-over inventory.

Supermarkets in particular have been cagey on non-food items and gifts.

Slightly concerned we might start hearing about profit warnings.

Are there retailers you're worried about?

Not so much -- probably heard the last of those really big collapses.

There will be more as we head into 2014. what we might be seeing is perhaps a return to consolidation in the sector as well.

Certainly even in ecommerce we might see some as well.

Amazon has been quiet.

2014 could be the year we start seeing amazon spreading its wings across europe and more western european companies and southern and eastern europe as well.

Brian roberts of cantor retail.

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They host parties from around the globe.

Bloomberg got a plus one for a behind the scenes look.

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Caroline is the company's

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