Amazon In-App Purchasing Will Help Sales: Hautemont

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Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Days of Wonder Co-Founder and CEO Eric Hautemont discusses Amazon enabling in-app purchases of physical goods with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Days of wonder, a company that develops and publishes games.

Eric is with me now in the studio.

You guys have already put this into action.

What is really neat, it lets you with a single tap, you can get that digital version running on your kindle fire.

You can get physical maps printed.

Coming them -- from the perspective of a developer, how significant of a development is this out of amazon?

When we did that, we saw the sails of the physical boardgames increased 30%. with amazon, we tighten the loop between the digital and the physical versions.

We think it increases sales significantly.

It is easier for the customer who likes the video games to buy the physical equipment.

You guys have a particular situation.

How significant will this be for other kinds of businesses?

Rovio does quite a bit of business with merchandising.

Now people will get a chance to -- without having to go -- how easy has amazon been to work with?

We worked with them ahead of the actual launch.

They purchased about a year ago.

We do not care about doing an android version of the app.

It is too complex.

There is one thing that will make a difference.

If you can help us tighten the loop between the physical goods and the digital versions.

Jeff bezos was in los angeles and he made a presentation.

What is the revenue sharing that goes on with this?

We get revenue from selling the digital version of the kindle fire and we get revenue from selling the physical boardgames.

Amazon gets revenue from selling the physical boardgames.

Interesting stuff.

What is next?

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