Amazon Has No Plans to Offer Phone This year

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Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) -- has no plans to introduce a phone this year, said Drew Herdener, a spokesman for the Seattle-based e-commerce company. Brad Stone reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Brad stone is with us now and sat down with founder jeff bezos and is coming out with a book about amazon.

You are the authority on this.

How do we square these reports?

On friday, there was a report on it well read technology blog that amazon would come out with iphone and it might be free.

Our viewers don't realize that the tech rest finds this thing tantalizing.

All sorts of people piled on and analyzed it and if you're amazon, it is probably scary considering it is not true.

Shareholders might get nervous because you are charged nothing for iphone and you get to $1 billion very quickly.

It probably distracts from what amazon will do this year which is probably more tablets.

What exactly did amazon tell you?

They said we are not releasing a phone this year.

If and when we do, it will not be free.

They put an end to the speculation.

Yet they are working on a phone?

Right, jeff bezos said if amazon is going to do a phone, they want to do something unique and innovating.

They are searching for that so it could be new hardware or 3-d screens or a way to use the phone to analyze products in a store and buy online.

It could be something with the economics.

They are testing new kinds of wireless conductivity with a satellite provider.

They have not figured it out yet so no phone for a couple of months.

This is something that could come out down the line?

They have not made a secret that they experiment with a lot of things here in silicon valley.

Jeff bezos spent a lot of the summer here in the valley working with the hardware guys.

He does not see any limits to the kinds of products amazon could release.

We reported they will be doing a set-top box likely this fall.

I would not put anything against them.

You reported about the hardware operations and the secrecy reminding it.

Remind us of what goes on right here in silicon valley.

They have buildings in cupertino near apple headquarters and just to cover up buildings in sunnyvale, hundreds of people.

They are hiring massively.

This company wants to be everywhere.

They want their apps on everyone's devices but they see themselves in competition with apple and google to get close to customers.

They will try everything.

The vision is to have some sort of suite of devices where you can use amazon services?

Yes but also to disrupt the market on price because jeff bezos believes people should pay for their devices when they use them and not when they buy them at the store.

That's why the kindle is more economic than the apple ipad.

And that is why amazon developed its own app and is doing deals with verizon.

Any hardware we can expect before christmas?

They recently announced the new kindle reader tummy tuck.

I r. they will probably do tablets in a set-top box.

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