Amazon Fire Phone Will Be a Disaster: Wired's Brown

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- Wired's Joe Brown, IDC's Crawford Del Prete and Bloomberg's Brad Stone give their first impressions of Amazon's new Fire Phone. They speak with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Middle of the brain.

This phone is going to be a disaster.

It is going to be a disaster.

A lot of the kindle fire is going to be a disaster.

To come at it you have to go hard.

Kindle fire did not go hard.

The same way this does not have a distinguishing feature that you have to have.

We don't need little 3-d diorama phones.

Amazon does not have a good track record of making graphical interface.

It is going to be a disaster.

Is that true?

Has the kindle fire been a disaster?

The kindle fire has lost share recently according to our numbers.

They have slept.

They are in the low -- they are in the low single digits.

It has been tough to gain traction and differentiate.

Having said i'm not ready to call the phone a disaster.

I worry about the target customer.

It is likely already a smart phone user.

It is going to be tough to get them to switch.

Brad, your take.

Amazon did say they have sold tens of millions of kindle fire's. it is hard to determine what success means for amazon, because they do not release numbers.

They are selling these devices that cost -- the point is to intensify the relation with the owner.

There is evidence they spend more on amazon.

They are necessarily playing the same game as an apple.

Computing is going to be everywhere.

Doesn't matter how money phones they sell?

Tell it to the google glass where or who has been run out of a bar.

The smartphone market has a long way ahead of that.

There is something about holding the devise in your hand.

That is one of the things that is troubling for the google glass wearers.

Most people don't want to spend their entire day in the amazon ecosystem.

It has a low selection.

The amazon movie system is lackluster.

What amazon does well is sell books and sell stuff.

If this phone were free, you're talking about something completely different.

You get a subscription to prime.

A mail-in rebate.

You can use the phone without touching it.

You can tilt it around.

You can do so many interesting things.

Are these things that people actually want to use?

Do people use survey want these kinds of features?

There's not a lot of data that suggest these are the kinds of features everyone is looking for.

They have a risk of being confusing to customers.

I want to take a different side of the argument from what you just said.

I'm not so sure how much amazon really cares about being the marketshare leader for phones.

This is the same maneuver that apple has made an google has made.

Tying services and creating an interdependent service experience to the phone.

If they can use this to showcase amazon and get people to buy more, and get people using android, i think that is a win.

You really have to separate the phone business from the amazon business.

This is a showcase product.

To showcase what you can do it amazon.

They do care but making a good foam.

They been working on the phone for five years.

It is not just a pet project.

Not at all.

Look, they are trying to have an uninhibited relationship with their best customers.

Can may have an uninhibited experience they don't have a fun?

It gives them a direct avenue.

Likes the amazon ecosystem is not the only one that you consider here.

This phone does not have google maps.

Let's talk about what the phone doesn't have.

No instagram kills microsoft windows phone.

Windows phone had a suboptimal app ecosystem.

It never got great.

A cup better and better but missed the marquis apps.

This amazon is missing youtube, google maps, snapchat.

If you look at the apps you're talking about, those are them.

If you don't have that you can't attract people who are more serious about phone use.

If somebody is already a great amazon customer, is that the person you need to convert?

That is the risk.

Amazon prime customers are already the premium customers.

They are ready using a smartphone.

But you are really getting at is can i demonstrate amazon services and can i get people excited about amazon services to get them to do more on whatever smartphone they are using over time?

Maybe along the way a track a few people to the platform.

I think that they have gone overboard and they made it pretty complex in terms of the kinds of things you can do.

You can also do it with others, shazam services, other augmented reality services.

They are expanding beyond a direction.

It is going to be tough to win the existing smartphone customer over with this product.

You can say it is about demonstrating amazon services.

Brad stone of business week,

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