Is Amazon Developing Online Pay-TV Service?

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Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman discusses Amazon’s foray into the battle for control of the living room. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Our senior west coast correspondent nla.

What are we talking about here you go what is amazon trying to do?

-- what are we talking about here?

There's a battle taking place for control of the living room.

We know that apple, google, sony, countless others want to win the battle and we know that amazon has shown a huge willingness to get into the business of making hardware to keep you buying everything that made amazon what it is today whether that is coming out with the readers for e-books, the kindle fire to keep your shopping and the world of tablets, whether it is working on its own tv-like hockey puck, if you will.

And they have amazon prime video , which you highlighted.

They already give you the opportunity as an amazon customer to be watching contents of this would be the logical next step.

It may be less of a competitive battle with the companies i mentioned and more so with the cable industry.

How often do we talk about the frustration consumers have with the lack of change and innovation in the way you are able to watch television?

These companies and the world of technology have seen a shift in the landscape in their seeing the amount of internet audio people are consuming and they're trying to position themselves as best as they can.

In terms of what is out there, can you draw comparisons as to what this could look like?

There would be live programming in addition to on demand.

You highlight the deal that sony struck the day with intel in the same bucket.

Internet-enabled paid tv service which is relatively easy to set up for the consumer and does exactly what you would see from a traditional package allowing you to watch live programming.

One key to the content players.

What are they willing to provide?

Pricing will be very important and they will not cut deals below what they already have and they will probably say that we all have to be on board.

You have to have deals with all of the content players or multiple, before you can have the content.

That could be the key sticking issue.

I want to get to another

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