Amazon CEO Bezos to Buy Washington Post for $250M

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Aug. 5 (Bloomberg) -- CEO Jeff Bezos agreed to buy the Washington Post for $250 million from Washington Post Co., vaulting the e-commerce magnate into the struggling newspaper industry. Adam Johnson reports on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." Intermedia Partners Founder Leo Hindery also comments. (Source: Bloomberg)

? we have breaking news.

Newspaper ads for the washington post are being bad by none other than jeff besos.

Incredible, in the past 72 hours we have had three major digital deals.

All changing hands, what do you make of that?

Earlier today we were talking about john henry, owner of the red sox, buying "the boston globe." not being a paper of record, as we would think of it.

"to the washington post" is a legitimate paper of record for the establishment of washington.

Nobody back to the segment from earlier is better equipped to exploit to digital and jeff bezos -- than jeff bezos.

Why would he want that?

The news gathering capability is almost without peer.

Bloomberg business week is a publication of record.

Financial times, economist, "the new york times," "the washington post." that is about that.

If you play that out, there is a digital acumen that is second to none.

He could legitimately turn it into a product.

Earlier today in boston, the boston globe , up 250 per the washington post.

How does he maximize this now?

"the wall street journal." the world that we live in, we need them in print, digital, mobil.

I am a political animal, as we are going to talk about in the next segment.

We do not care who owns it.

I think that jeff will be very accommodating.

Do not go anywhere.

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