Amazon CEO Bezos Introduces Smartphone

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- Amazon jumped into the crowded smartphone market with its own handset called Fire Phone, ramping up competition with Apple and Samsung Electronics. Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brad Stone speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

-- "the everything store" about amazon.

What i love is the graphic.

No word on the x or y axis.

Amazon should patent that.

Nothing but numbers.

Prime members are loyal.

They buy about twice the amount of non-prime members.

That is why we will see this integrated tightly with amazon.

They have been working on this since 2009. how much thought went into the smallest of details?

As we talked about yesterday, i have just is treated a book that talks about the one purple house on the block.

It took a long time because they were on a journey for something that would differentiate the amazon phone.

Things like the qualcomm chip standard.

Perfect size for one-handed use.

But what will really stand out is the 3-d display that we talked about.

We now know some of the details, 4.7 inch screen.

The phone is revealed.

What is your take on the initial details?

They're calling it the fire phone.

I would have liked a sense of humor and they should have at least spell fire with a "ph," but no such luck.

Prime users, the old line, are different from us.

They have money.

The shopping experience for the prime user could be very different if they chose to make that available, to use that in a design or functionality with that different demographic, if you will.

Pricing will be a key announcement here.

Prime certainly seems to be integral to the experience.

I want to bring in jon erlichman.

You have been digging into how important prime is to amazon's business.

How important is it?

Jeff bezos initially spent some time talking about "as they roll out more video." people can watch a lot of tv and video through prime.

That is why more people are signing up for it.

Having that to offer and whether or not a carrier plays a role in subsidizing the data that goes into actually watching film and tv on your phones, i think it is a really important point.

But 13 megapixel -- 13 megapixel camera on the back.

The details are coming out.

What do you think?

We don't know, but the benchmarks are the iphone 4s. subsidized, $200. they have got to do a lot of work to make up for that.

We will have much more coverage of amazon phone in the

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