Alyssa Milano: She's the Boss of Fan-Gear Empire

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Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Touch Founder Alyssa Milano discusses her career and line of clothing on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

And could not find anything cute that i would actually want to wear that was not pink.

There was a philosophy, picket and shrink it.

They did.

It was this physically the only thing out there for women.

I pitched the idea to major- league baseball first.

They have the exclusive for the first year and the second year, we had all the other leagues lined up there it has been seven years now.

We keep growing, which is lovely.

Just came out with nascar, which is really cool.

It has been great.

Do you consider this an endorsement or a business partnership?

Business partnership.

Mlb originally hooked me up with g3 sports.

New yorkers know, and asked giant.

They are a manufacturing company that basically does licensing and really understood the whole fashion sense of what i was going for and had the factories to pull it off.

I consider it a partnership with all the leaks.

What is your role?

More than they would like it to be.

Everything from the design process to marketing and the photo shoots and final say on colors and silhouettes and all of it very who is your audience specifically?

Is it women wearing the gear to games?

That was part of my original concept.

I could not understand or wrap my head around the fed you would walk down the street and see a dude in his yankees t-shirt and a yankees cap, and he was not necessarily going to a baseball game.

I figure the only reason why you never saw a woman walking down the street and her fan gear is because it was not flattering, she didn't feel good in it or sexy in it or it was not fashionable.

Part of it was about how could we not only see women in the stands wearing this, but also out to dinner in a hoodie and jeans like you would see them wearing something else.

Do you think women need to be super athletes like guys who wear nike gear?

Lulu lemon had a tough time last year, saying their pants did not fit everybody because they did not have the right goodies for it.

That is the most ridiculous thing ever.

We go all the way up to four xl.

We cater to a woman's body.

It is really critical that it is flattering.

I am five foot two and 120 pounds.

I am not stick thin.

I would like -- i am a fit model.

Our stuff is not just activewear.

It is fashion.

Just like you would wear a great sweater, we have a lot of knit.

You would just be wearing a sweater with a new york giants logo on it.

Or l.a. dodgers logo.

When did your career shift that you became a businesswoman, and this is not an endorsement deal for you.

You are the driver behind the project.

It is something i was had in me, but, it took a while for my career to be in a place.

And just as a woman, to be in a place i felt comfortable enough to go out and get different perspectives of the career.

I think after "charmed" ended, i went through a transitional time and decided what i wanted to do now.

I knew i wanted to feel fulfilled in other areas of my life away from acting.

I have been doing this for so long, it just becomes sentient -- second nature to me.

Nothing really scares me about acting anymore, and yet, being a businesswoman is scary.

There are risks involved.

I knew i wanted to take those risks.

I think the idea has been successful and has changed the marketplace so much and has enabled me to really have the confidence to be secure in using that side of my brain.

A businesswoman.

Clearly not making these four

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