Alstom Board Said to Meet for GE Offer Discussion

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April 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports that Alstom’s board is said to plan a meeting for later today to consider an offer from General Electric on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.

To buy one of their most recognized companies.

I believe our european business correspondent is on top of this story.

Let's get to alstom first.

The board is meeting to discuss a ged deal.

This is a big decider.

Yesterday, alstom said they did not know about any approach from ge.

It makes the fastest train in the world.

They want an engineering powerhouse.

Ge looking to spend some of its hoards of cash.

We have no confirmation about whether it has been approached.

We understand the board is going to meet to discuss this bid coming from ge of $13 billion.

Also understood that the french government had been in discussions about this deal.

We know that some big m&a deals of the past have been scuppered by regulators.

Not always do u.s. juggernauts get to purchase european ones, but we know that ge is well-liked in france.

We talked about the amount of charm offensive they have been employing inside france.

They have been a good corporate citizen as our reporters from upstairs have been telling us.

It looks like the board will be

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