Alstom Battle Intensifies as Siemens Ponders Bid

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April 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s David Tweed and Matthew Campbell report on the brewing battle for Alstom as Siemens contemplates a counter bid for the company against General Electric’s offer on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

What are the pros and cons of another offer for alstom.

Is quite interesting.

The board meeting just got underway.

We can't say when the announcements will come after that.

It is quite interesting when you look at this it or this potential bid in the context of what siemens is trying to do with its whole strategy review.

The idea behind that, is to improve siemens marginss.

Alstom's margins are even lower.

It is interesting to see why were they -- why they would go into a full bed.

-- full bid.

There are be hiding off something which would be the lowest margin businesses.

Their board is made up half of union or employer representatives.

The rest is onerous.

They will also have to take into account the wishes of the employees, guy.

They certainly do.

We have the ge ceo showing up.

We also had the same for the siemens office.

We had this rather curious statement around midday, the french government saying not to oppose the ge bid for alstom.

The french government is walking back a little bit some of this reaction to ge that we saw over the weekend, which is quite fiercely negative.

He was very quick to say that this ge bid was something that he was not for happy about, and to essentially solicit this interest from siemens.

On monday, cooler heads prevailed and we did see noises emerging from the french government to the effect that maybe e.g. if it would not be so fat, and actually they are much more open to considering his options.

The messages are little bit next.

I think, hopefully this will be treated more as a big transaction, then a political transaction.

He was in paris sunday and monday.

I'm sure someone in his position has plenty of places to do.

This is obvious a very important transaction for general electric.

This would be the largest deal ever, which is quite remarkable for a country that is owed -- a company that is over a century old.

The head of ge in france has been helping on the political side of this.

She is very well-connected and wealthy, i'm sure come deeply involved in the lobbying effort very what is your sense of the ground areas a much of the germans really want this?

You're talking about some of the trade unions and labor unions involved in all of this.

How desperate is siemens to get their hands on alstom?

It is interesting to see the german government's reaction to this deal.

You have the spokesman for the economy minister who is from the centerleft party, saying that they support the deal.

As it turns out, siemens is desperate to make sure they fend off competition from general electric.

One of the things i found most interesting is that any bids and make his depending on the get the same financial information that has been provided to general electric.

Probably alstom doesn't want to provide those facts and figures to one of the biggest competitors on the continent.

Whatever happened here, is that alstom as a stand-alone entity is over forever.

Quit if siemens'proposal goes through, and asset swap the results in alstom being a much bigger rail manufacturer.

One way or another, alstom is going to look for a very different at the end of this process.

When you look at the abb figures, there's a disappointing, they have to have

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