Inside the Success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) -- ALS Association Greater New York Chapter CEO Dorine Gordon discusses the success of the ice bucket challenge on “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

For the organization, including 10 million just last night.

With us is the president of the greater new york chapter, who rank the president -- rang the bell at the nasdaq this morning.

Over 40 million.

When we first started hearing about this, what did you make of it?

We did not know what to make of it initially but very quickly it went viral.

We had a couple of families in new york who did it.

Then challenged one of the patients in boston.

From there it went viral.

For the first two weeks we received a lot of study donations.

We broke $10 million saturday.

We broke $20 million tuesday.

Today we broke $40 million.

I do not know what to make of it, it is remarkable.

You mentioned a lot of the people are new donors, 260,000. how are you going to keep them getting in there is no more ice bucket challenge?

We have about 500,000 new donors.

It really has been an incredible surge.

We're definitely going to engage them, but what is interesting is a lot of the people have a connection with als so we will continue to engage them.

It is a new audience, a younger audience because of the social media affect.

I was talking with cj manual -- zeke emmanuel and said he really hopes it raises awareness and does not think enough people are educating themselves on als, are really looking into how this can be dealt with and possibly cured.

What do you do to make headway with the cash?

The als association has a three-pronged mission to find research -- fund research, find a cure, provide patients services to families and patients living with als.

And public policy to advocate for important issues in the community.

So all of those mission ironies work together.

Searching for a cure, you mentioned engaging new donors and how will you do that you go initially we will thank them.

We have a lot to do to acknowledge the donations.

We're going to send out regular e-mails and educate them on what we're doing on the mission, on the research program.

And ask them if they want to be involved locally.

Our greater new york chapter is one of the largest.

I am a bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to these things but i was really excited and find george bush doing this on facebook.

I thought it was a cool video and he has challenged other presidents.

There is almost nowhere to go from here.

What about president obama?

As he then challenged?

I think he was challenged by ethel kennedy.

We have yet to hear whether he will take part.

Yes, he has been challenged.

It is all over the world now.

Still more to do.

Have you done it?

Yes, i have.

We have not.

I have challenged math and so have many other people.

We really appreciate it.

Coming up, fracking his way

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