Allianz Is Lead Insurer of Downed Plane in Ukraine

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols examines the potential impact of the downed Malaysian Airliner in Ukraine on Allianz, as the company stands as the lead insurer of the aircraft and how a claim of terrorism would affect payments. He speaks on “On The Move.”

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Allianz is the lead reliability insurer of that crashed jet.

Hans nichols joins us now from berlin.

Sadly a familiar situation to malaysian jets and the malaysian company itself.

370 went missing in march.

What does this mean for allianz?

We don't know yet.

This question of whether or not who caused this is of crucial importance.

The germans are calling for an independent investigation.

Allianz is the lead insurer but there is a separate insurance policy if the downfall of the plane was because of war or terrorism.

That is held by aetrium underwriting group.

This is all according to the london-based insurance broker e.on.

They also place the cost of this jet at $97.3 million.

We saw a similar question with the malaysia 370 flight because there again there was a separate policy if it turned out that it was terrorism.

An entirely different rule sets in.

We are looking at shares of allianz.

They are down 2.3%. malaysian airlines was clobbered initially.

They were down almost 11%.

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