Allergan Said to Explore Sale to Sanofi, J&J

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April 29 (Bloomberg) -- Allergan has contacted companies including Sanofi and Johnson & Johnson to see if either would be interested in acquiring the Botox maker, said people with knowledge of the matter. Bloomberg’s Jeff McCracken reports on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.”


It appears the company wants to pursue other options.

Jeff mccracken joins now for more.

Like a lot of the big pharmaceutical companies, they see themselves as a science company at its core.

They see valiant as the pirates to come in with companies that have existing drugs and partner with bill acton unsolicited.

Valiant has been clear that that is what they will do.

They have contacted serious suitors to see if they have any interest in coming in and playing white knight and rescuing allergan.

I think it is early, it would be hard to say.

J&j is an interesting option here.

They need to make a serious run at this.

I know that from the flat -- valiant side, it would be worried about j&j. a very big company supporting the marketplace if they went into it.

They have a 10% stake in allergan as well.

What is the conversation between the activist investor right now?

There is no conversation, they are just basically not responding when they don't reach out.

I know there was a recent conversation through back channels, if you will, where they were trying to get them to sit down.

So far there has been no dialogue whatsoever.

What can they do, then?

They can try to speak to the investors about long-term best options.

Cutting r&d, you will get up piece of the future, which will be of more value to you down the road.

They may not be interested, but what are the other options?

Can they go out and make purchases?

They were looking at another company called scheier.

There is a buyer out there, german, that has approached them to see if there is an interest in doing a deal.

They are looking at a $14 billion and $15 billion deal with merck.

Could not have ended that

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