All 15 Ferry Crew Members Now in Custody

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April 28 (Bloomberg) –- In “The Big Picture,” Bloomberg’s Angie Lau reports on the top stories of the day on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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Another four crew member the korean very has been detained.

All 15 and fall to navigating the vessel are now in custody.

11 other creamers had ari been formally arrested, accused of negligence and of abandoning people in need.

The fery was loaded them far more cargo than was needed.

The south korean prime minister has resigned over the disaster that has left 300 people dead or missing.

Executive power is locked -- largerlly constituted in the presidency.

The search for the remaining victims continues.

But 110 bodies are still accounted for.

Officials say the passenger list could be inaccurate.

100 74 people survived the sinking including most of the crew.

The search area for the millison -- for the missing malaysia airline is going to be whiter.

They have not found a single clue.

It has created a 3-d sonar map of the ocean floor were signals consistent with the plains of black box were detected on april 8. malaysia intends to release it limoneira a report in the next

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