Alicia Keys No Longer Blackberry Creative Director

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Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Hugo Miller reports on the parting of ways between Blackberry and singer Alicia Keys after the singer failed to rekindle consumers’ love affair with the company’s smartphones. He speaks to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)


To play on one of her favorite songs, this girl just got fired?

Yes, fired, but it was merely a parting of ways.

As blackberry said today, the end of a one-year collaboration which conveniently leaves the question of fired or not fired unanswered.

What i think is clear is that the new ceo really has no time for this because he's so focused on the enterprise and not the consumer.

He's come in and said enough of this marketing razzle-dazzle.

We are going to go back to bait -- back to basics and what blackberry has a fan base among, and that is people who are not impressed by alicia keys, the lawyers, bankers and government workers.

What do you think is next for the ceo of why kerry now that alicia keys is behind him?

He got a very interesting response when he got his first conference call.

His stock was down about nine percent when they had their earnings and over the course of a one hour conference call, the stock rallied and was up at 1.16%. i think investors have a lot more faith in him and i don't think they have a lot of faith in blackberry.

I think his job is to come up with a second act from his initial performance for investors and show what he has got is going to work, and that outsourcing the risk to foxconn with the new contract they have and start to deliver on ringing customers back, big government, big business has tumors back and growing the base all over again.

Is he the one who has what it takes where so many have failed before him?

It's tough to say.

The inventor of the blackberry and founder of the company on december 24 at 5:00, just the perfect time to area the bad news, cut his stake in blackberry and half.

If you take that as an indication, the device inventor and former ceo thought now was the time to sell, but i think other investors who have already been burned have said we lost so much value, maybe he can get some of it back.

We have not seen much more of a selloff beyond their response to when he sold.

We will see what he has in

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