Alibaba Said to Prepare U.S. IPO Filing

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March 14 (Bloomberg) -- Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is preparing to file for an initial public offering in the U.S. as soon as April, according to people with knowledge of the matter. (Source: Bloomberg)


It is up in the air with the politicians.

Hong kong could come up with a last-minute deal.

It looks increasingly likely that they will list here.

The filing could come as soon as next month.

That is something that is pretty newsworthy.

They been telling us it is not on a time limit.

It looks like it could be coming up pretty soon.

C said that they are not in a rush.

There's not a timeline for an ipo.

You look at the competitors.

There is a battle of the tech giants in china and trying to control the 618 billion internet users in china.

The shares have skyrocketed, enabling them to make more acquisitions because they have the currency to do so.

Looking at this tech company that is looking to look in the u.s., say could move up the ipo and in most tier.

You look at the move in the last year and shares of yahoo!. you could just say investors are getting graded for the alibaba ipo is finding a way to look at the piece of this company before the ipo they hope will get there.


You are looking at this as an opportunity to sell shares.

You want to get in before they get an ipo.

The shares could continue to rise up until that point.

That is why we saw a spike in yahoo!

Shares today.

You also talk about the possibility that they could still list in hong kong.

I know there are regulatory issues.

They're heavily leaning toward the united states.

"bloomberg west" they have not come up with a solution.

This is over the the partnership structure and the ability to nominate directors to the board.

They've not been able to come up with an agreement with the hong kong exchange or regulators to do that.

The u.s. regulations allows that to take place.

That is why it is looking increasingly likely to be here.

Thank you so much for joining us here on "bloomberg west"." we'll continue to follow the

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