Alibaba’s Billionaire Rainmaker: Who Is Joseph Tsai?

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Aug. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Leslie Picker reports on Alibaba Co-Founder Joseph Tsai’s career on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Biggest u.s. initial public offerings ever.

He is not jack ma's number two man when presented to investors.

He is the one in charge of negotiating the acquisitions that the company has undergone.

He set up there particularly unique legal structure which prevents chinese.

He is the guy who has created all of the legal and financial structures that investors want to learn more about during the roadshow.

I'm curious about the structure.

How much control does the chinese government have over ali baba?

It is safe to say that the chinese government could shut it down?

The u.s. government did a study and ruled that the chinese government could shut it down if they wanted to.

Alibaba is only tying certain assets to the vie structure.

It is safe to make a guess that the chinese government is consciously choosing not to shut it down.


There is a lot that rides on this ipo.

At the same time, the hong kong stock exchange declined to list alibaba and u.s. markets are rushing toward it with open arms.


That was mostly due to the partnership structure, the group of 27 individuals that has an ability to nominate a majority of the board.

The hong kong exchange sees that as multiple pockets of shares.

It is not a dual structure like we see with companies in the u.s., but it was enough for the hong kong exchange that they know that group of individuals has more power than the rest of shareholders.

Thank you so much.

She will be on the watch for the alibaba ipo.

Coming up, tom keene fell hard for soccer during the world cup.

Is the love affair going to

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