Companies Wait as Alibaba Readies for Record IPO

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Sept. 4 (Bloomberg) -- FirstMark Capital Co-Founder Rick Heitzmann discusses both the coming Alibaba IPO and the introduction of new wearable technology. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Stub hub and other companies.

How is this different from 1999? it is very different.

The companies that are really doing well with real revenue and real growth and prospects of profitability and the leaders like facebook and twitter are showing all the metrics going in the right direction.

There is an overarching different element here of interest rates are so low, people are searching for outlet somewhere and they're saying, i would rather instead of sitting on my cash invest in something that at least has some upside.

We talked about how goldman sachs will be the stabilization agent for alibaba.

If your company is looking to go public and you're waiting for alibaba to come out with its listing, do you try to front run it or wait until things are cleared and?

There is a huge ipo backlog.

Lot of people waiting.

Conventional wisdom is wait for ali baba to come out.

They put up $2 billion profit last quarter.

And use that as a way of opening the floodgates for a lot of other things coming out.

Coming up from china or globally?


Seeing things coming up from china, india and a ton of stuff coming out domestically.

What happens to yahoo!

After ali baba lists?

It depends on what yahoo!

Does with their money.

Instead of having this shadow stock of ali baba, the liquid asset on their balance sheet, has a semi liquid asset.

What are they going to do with that cash and how will they return it to shareholders?

We are seeing a shift from companies trying to help people find each other to companies that try to help each other do things in the real world.

In terms of new funding opportunities, new things to invest in comments that were used to the movement?

There is always a blend of online and off-line.

Pinterest looks to inspire people online to do things outline.

That will be a growing trend.

A separate trend of being able to use your smart phone to have everything on demand, whether it's your hotel room with airbnb or car.

Football on your phone tonight.

That's going to be our mantra today.

Can we get a look at rick's watch?

It's amazing.

It's beautiful but not digital.

You excited about the apple watch?

I like this watch.

It's an old school watch.

It was made in switzerland.

I'm not sure where it was made.

Do you believe in the business model of a digital watch?

Of the smart watch?

I have actually tried the fit bit and other things and i haven't liked them.

They haven't provided enough personal utility.

It will be interesting to see what apple does.

Rick heitzmann, not yet a buyer.

I think brandon is a buyer of ricks watch.

Coming up, we speak with the mayor of indianapolis on the economic impact of hosting a super bowl.


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